Belarus Introductory meeting was held.

Thursday, Feburary 1, 2018 - Read: 884
Belarus Introductory meeting was held.

The "Republic of Belarus Country Presentation Day" jointly organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Ankara and the Office of the Belarusian Business Council (DEIK) was held in Ankara Chamber of Industry.

Starting with the speech of the President of the Belarusian Business Council Ali Rıza Arslan, the Country Presentation program provided informative presentations on the sectors, investment opportunities and commercial potentials that stand out in Belarus.

At the Opening, Ali Rıza Arslan voiced the trade volume between Turkey and Belarus was $ 600 million. Belarus offers several sectors in major trade and investment opportunities due to the opportunity to do business with the countries of the independent state community. Especially with its highly developed heavy industry and as the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural tractors and trucks, Belarus could make joint projects with Turkey in areas such as agriculture, food, construction and machinery.The wages in Belarus are low compared to my country but nevertheless this country has a very good vocational education background and its people have very high skills. He mentioned that these opportunities need to be evaluated.

In his speech, Belarusian Ambassador Andrei V. Savinykh drew attention to the fact that the economic structure of Belarus and Turkey are almost similar to each other. Savinykh said that there are similar industries developing rapidly in both countries. He explained that "In this context, it can be considered that we are competitors. However, when examined closely, it will be clear that every industry is extremely over-complementary in many sectors. Our cooperation can encourage the industrial development of both countries to a significant extent."

Following the opening speeches, Belarusian Economy Consultant Rusla Kizelevich, General Director of Belneftechim Andrey Kasheed and General Director of the Minsk Automotive Platform Dmitrij Ananich made presentations on sectors, investment opportunities and potential for trade in Belarus.