Business Lunch with Sabina Klimek

Monday, September 21, 2020 - Read: 520
Business Lunch with Sabina Klimek

Istanbul Consul of Poland Sabina Klimek and Marmara Group Foundation came together at a business lunch.

From the Marmara Group Foundation: Dr. Akkan Suver, İstanbul MP Şamil Ayrım, Cafer Okray, Ahmet Polat, Cemil Ökten, Elif Ok, Erol Kiraz, Jale Tunçel, Mahmut Saklı, Murat Yıldıran, Sezgin Bilgiç attended.

Sabina Klimek, Consul of Poland, expressed that they would like to expand the economic cooperation existing between Turkey and Poland, and told opportunities that are offered to Turkish investors.