Consul General of Azerbaijan to Istanbul Mesim Hacıyev, whose term of office expired in Istanbul, returned to Baku

Thursday, August 6, 2020 - Read: 277
Consul General of Azerbaijan to Istanbul Mesim Hacıyev,

Dr. Akkan Suver said that Mesim Hacıyev is a diplomat who has accomplished important events in Istanbul.

The words of Dr. Akkan Suver about Mesim Hacıyev are as follows:

“Nowadays, when you are leaving Istanbul due to the expiration of your term of office; We wish you vast success in your new missions.

While you were serving as the Consul General in Istanbul, you enabled us to undertake good services together with the support you have given to our Marmara Group Foundation. Therefore, we bear the high honor of our successful collaborations.

As Marmara Group Foundation, we are grateful to you for allowing us to take part with our civil society identity, in the events you put forward in the framework of exceptional relations existing between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

We will not forget your friendship and services.

While we wish you success in your new duties again, we wish health, well-being, and happiness to the members of your family.”

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