Demirel at the age of 94

Thursday, November 1, 2018 - Read: 196
Demirel at the age of 94

Late Süleyman Demirel, 9th President of the Republic of Turkey, was commemorated on the occasion of his 94th birthday at the Cemetery in Islamköy where he was born in. Beside the Demirel Family, on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation Turan Sarıgülle and several protocol members attended the ceremony which was held in Çalça Hill in Islamköy village belongs to Atabey district. Also many local people from the village took part. A Member of Parliament of İyi (Good) Party from Isparta province Aylin Cesur, who also was the doctor of Demirel before he passed away, İyi (Good) Party Spokesman Aytun Çıray, Deputy General President of the Democratic Party Muhammet Kelleci, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ankara Hazar Ibrahim gave a speech one by one and told about Late Demirel.

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