Dr. Akkan Suver at the International Think-Tank Symposium in the People's Republic of China

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - Read: 1527
Dr. Akkan Suver at the International Think-Tank Symposi

Dr. Akkan Suver, President of the Marmara Group Foundation, made a speech at the "International Think-Tank Symposium" which was formed by high-level think-tanks of thirty-two countries after the 19. Party Congress in the People's Republic of China. Dr. Suver emphasized the importance of globalization and explained that the People's Republic of China's philosophy of the Silk Road, which was revealed yesterday, is in fact the philosophy of our future.

Besides statesmen like Yasuo Fukuda, Previous Prime Minister of Japan, Former Prime Minister of France Dominique de Villepin, Pakistan Previous Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, who attended the Symposium, also the African Policy Institute, the Latin American Research Institute, the Cuban Institute of Social Sciences, the India Research and Observation Foundation and the Finnish Academy of Thought took part at the event as well as the Polish Social and Economic Research Center, the Russian Archaeological and Entology Folklore Academy, the Belarusian Academy of Sociology and National Science, the Uzbekistan Strategy Development Center, the Brazil International Research Center, the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Malaysia and the Italy Institute of International Affairs. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences hosted the symposium with the participation of different universities.

Dr. Akkan Suver's article published after the symposium in the Gözlem newspaper reads as follows:
I've been in Beijing for the last few days. I am representing our country at the "Think - Thank Symposium" which is formed by high-level think-tanks of thirty-two countries after the 19. Party Congress in the People's Republic of China.

At the "Think - Thank Symposium", which was attended by Former Prime Minister of France Dominique de Villepin, Pakistan Previous Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and Previous Prime Minister of Japan Yasuo Fukuda, international relations were dealt with on a platform where civilian opinion leaders shared their free thoughts.

As we could identify, the accurate view of the Silk Road economic belt, created as a philosophy by Chinese President Xi Jinping, was adopted by all of the participants at the conference; each speaker brought the fact to the agenda that the People's Republic of China has covered not only by economy but also by growth and development.

The visit of President Donald Trump, followed by the APEC Conference and the meeting which will be held this week with the French President Macron are qualifying Presiedent Xi Jinping as an important factor in the world politics.

By the way I have to add that Beijing is no more the City of motorbikes and bicycles. The latest car brands are everywhere! And despite big roads and highways a crowded and cramped traffic! Our hotel was about 30 kilometers from the airport. We could only reach it in more than one and a half hours.

The participants that I could meet appreciate this growth and development.

As for the topics we talked about: The attendees of the conference have diligently and carefully emphasized the thoughts of the People's Republic of China in the field of globalization in the recent years.

Now there is a trend towards global human, global thinking, global trade, global law.

People attach importance to security as well as democracy.

Again, it is mentioned that the human being of tomorrow as a citizen will be able to work in one country while living in another. Namely, the Turkish citizen will be living in Spain and doing business in Pakistan. In the global world of tomorrow, the global human is considered like this.

The participants praised that China's thought of the Silk Road will not only deliver Beijing to London but at the same time bring cultures, people, languages and religions closer to each other.

I also emphasized the importance of globalization in the presentation I made and I explained that China's philosophy of Silk Road, which was revealed yesterday, is in fact the philosophy of our future.

By the way, I gave an interview to the Chinese CCTV news channel in which I express the importance that Turkey attaches to the Silk Road.

As a summary, China has reached the era and is ready for the leadership! As an important actor in the world arena, the People's Republic of China has made its industry and economy global as well as its technology.


Please find Dr. Akkan Suver's speech from the "International Think-Tank Symposium" below:

Today, I want to present my thoughts about the global human to your high committee.

The model of the globals human being gets its inspiration from the philosophy of the Silk Road. Because through the Silk Road philosophy, the model of the global human will grow out in the near future.

This is inevitable.

For with the philosophy of the Silk Road, there will be developing global literacy. This will be followed by global etiquette.

Ergo, a global law will arise together with global rights and responsibility.

These points will be followed by global security, global access, global commerce and global communication.

All this will develop within global health rules.

Ergo, the human of Silk Road will become a global human.

As we all know, in the geography from Beijing to London, there will not only be trade, not only be economics, but also countless languages, religions, cultures and races uniting to a prosperity of living together.

As a consequence, the new global personality lays different responsibilities and duties on us.

The better we fulfill the responsibilities we are given, the happier we will make the part of the community we are in interaction with.

The more the Silk Road relationships are developing, the smaller the world becomes and the world citizenship grows, we will encounter the global humans whom we will maybe never get to see ourselves.

Today, the high usage of aerosol results in the Ozone layer becoming thinner over Chile and an increasing of cancer.

The destruction of the Brazilian Rain Forests leads to global warming and the demersal of some touristic paradise islands.

A technologic development in Switzerland influences the life standard in India.

A thought developed in the United States of America affects the peace process in the Middle East.

A higher need of energy in China can result in the increasing of energy prices.

Summarized, we possess a role that we are not aware of in our daily life but that maybe influences millions of people.

And this role is the global citizenship, or rather being human.

We are influencing the world by our choices of products, by the works we produce, the people we educate, by choices we make and which we cannot calculate personally or corporately and even by one vote we give.

The sooner we adopt the global citizenship, be it as person or as companies and the better we accomplish the duties it brings with it, the more we can benefit from the sources of the Silk Road.

The most important tools with which we will influence our geography are our globalized companies, our cultural wealth and our governments.

Ergo, we have to be careful, not only as companies but also as governments, not to limit our view by the borders of our countries.

Reaching global citizenship means to care about interacting with the world, effiency in representing international companies and creating brands that are demanded in the international markets.

At the same time, we have to evaluate ourselves by displaying international performance within all responsibilities we take on.

For those who take the most advantage of our world's possibilities, who save and develop the richness of the world the best, those will add the biggest value to the world.

The members of the Silk Road do not only have to content themselves with internal topics but have to be the ones who produces solutions to the world's problems.

Those who give importance to global citizenship will be winners.

For this reason and to prepare our people for the future and global citizenship, for global peace and human rights to be lived by everyone, for global democracy, I want to emphasize the importance of making the necessary arrangements from today on.

While finishing my words, let me say that we have to care about globalizing our interests and views.

To create solutions for global problems and to take more benefit out of global possibilities we have to prepare ourselves today for the responsibilities of the global citizenship.