Dr. Akkan Suver continued his visits in Tashkent

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 - Read: 178
Dr. Akkan Suver continued his visits in Tashkent

President of the Marmara Group Foundation Akkan Suver, who is in Tashkent for the Presidential elections of Uzbekistan, visited his acquaintances for showing his appreciation and to say goodbye. Dr. Akkan Suver first visited the Ambassador of Turkey to Uzbekistan, Olgan Bekar. Dr. Akkan Suver thanked to Ambassador Olgan Bekar for his hospitality.

Dr. Akkan Suver also visited the Manager of Uzbekistan Employment Agency Samadov Salohiddin İsmatoviç, who was his Host, in his office and received information about his works. Later, Dr. Akkan Suver thanked him and said goodbye.

Afterwards, Dr. Akkan Suver was accepted by the Minister of Labor Umurzoqov Bahodir Hamidovich and received information about the employment areas and opportunities in Uzbekistan. Dr. Suver gave extensive information about the works of the Marmara Group Foundation to the Ministry of Labor as well.

Dr. Akkan Suver paid his last visit to the Head of Uzbekistan Strategic Development Center Eldar Tulyakov. In his visit, Dr. Suver thanked him for their hospitality and congratulated on the election results.

Finally, Dr. Akkan Suver visited the Museum dedicated to Emperor Timur.