Dr. Akkan Suver is at the Signing Ceremony of One Road-One Belt

Sunday, May 14, 2017 - Read: 1228
Dr. Akkan Suver is at the Signing Ceremony of One Road-

Dr. Akkan Suver represented Turkey on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation in Beijing on the occasion of beginning of the workshop "One Belt-One Road (Silk Road Project)" that the President of People's China Xi Jingping mentioned four years ago. Dr. Akkan Suver, who made two speeches during the workshops of "New Situation of Globalization: New Challenges, New Opportunities, New Countermeasures" and "Belt and Road for Facilitating Strong, Balanced, Inclusive and Sustainable Global Economy", talked about the importance attached by Turkey to the "One Road-One Belt Project".

While Dr. Akkan Suver attending the meetings on behalf of Turkey, civil society leaders of United States, Japan, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Peru, India, Mongolia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia made speeches at the workshops. 

The texts of speeches of Dr. Akkan Suver are as below;

The speech of Dr. Akkan Suver, the President of the Marmara Group Foundation, in the meeting of "Belt and Road for Facilitating Strong, Balanced, Inclusive and Sustainable Global Economy" on May 14,2017.

Primarily, I want to present my gratitude to our host China Center for International Economic Exchanges for their high hospitality.

I am Happy today. Because, "One Belt-One Road (Silk Road Project)" that the President of People's China Xi Jingping mentioned four years ago is beginning. I am happy also because the Marmara Group Foundation, which I am a member of, has brought this project up in Turkey, in China, Romania, Austria, Azerbaijan and Moldova for four years.

In other words, a new diplomatic space will be formed from London to Beijing with the project "One Belt One Road" which will start with the signatures of the presidents on 15 May 2017.

More than sixty countries which take in consideration that knowledge and spiritual values have changed in an effective manner will show their determination to act in unison. Therefore, co-operation in peace and tolerant culture, which is the most important condition for victory of universal principles in order to prevent any kind of conflict among religions, ethnic groups and individuals, will take place spontaneously.

The Silk Road project not only is a line which connect the Asia with Europe and Africa as both trade route and historical, cultural value but also will it lead to open the doors of the extraordinary historical and cultural wealth which carry the traces of the cultures, religions and races in that region. Basically, this project will contribute international economy and trade more than regional economies. When Silk road project is examined in terms of geo-economy, it will have a feature for China to approach to Europe market and also it will help Europe to approach to China. The transportation from China to Europe, which lasts 45 days, will be 15 days thanks to this project.

We think that The Silk Road project is the project of the century thanks to fund convergence, currency integration, substructure networks also improvements and restorations of railways and ports in particular. Because, this project will create a new welfare belt from Beijing to London.

When the connections of titles, such as "Energy Needs", "Alternative Energy Resources" and "Energy Security" with economy, politics and international social dimensions are approached, it will be clear that May 15,2017 will be a milestone with incredible opportunities.

A Chinese proverb says that "We are not friends because we are doing business together, we are doing business together because we are friends" We think that this start will open a new door for 65 countries in terms of peace.

Many countries in Asia have done significant investments in order to be a part of this network.

As a country in transition point Turkey became a founder member of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank which has been established with an investment worth 50 billion dollars.

Also, Turkey carried out the project of Marmaray which connected Asia with Europe. They brought Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge into use. Turkey is about to finalize the railway of Baku-Tbilisi- Kars which will connect Beijing with London.

When the project of Silk Road is carried out, the strategic relations of China with Turkey will be enhanced.

Therefore, maybe there will be Pax Sinica in the region and the doors of peace will be opened in the line from Middle Asia to Europe.


The Speech of Dr. Akkan Suver, the President of the Marmara Group Foundation, in the meeting of "New Situation of Globalization: New Challenges, New Opportunities, New Countermeasures" on May 15,2017.

As I said yesterday,

The "One Belt-One Road" project, which my country, Turkey, attaches great importance, has begun.

The Marmara Group Foundation, which I hold the presidency of, sees the "One Belt-One Road" as the project of the era

I want to begin my speech by presenting my gratitude once again to those who carried out this project.

It is hard to predict what will happen in the rest of the 21st century. But, we know something; rising Asia is a reality and Black Africa, which is trying to integrate into the world is another reality and Western World in which welfare hit the top, in a world where poverty is all around, is also a reality.

Finally, One third of the world's population is two-thirds of the world's gross domestic product. Because, it produces.

There are countries with an income level of 100 dollars, and on the other side there are countries with an income level of 100 thousand dollars.

There are countries that are abandoned hope, there are developing countries and disorder, irregularity of developed countries. There is the issue of rich and poor people. But, we are at such a point that ideology has lost a great deal of influence, and rationalism has begun to prevail.

Now, the world's motto is "live together, work together". Re-emergence of "One Belt - One Road, Silk Road" is a result of this. People need to move again, develop, produce goods and ideas, and change these with each other.

Europe is guiding this with the European Union.

Europe has demonstrated the ideas, goods, services and people with no boundaries with the European Union, Europe has also revealed that war can only be avoided in this way and people should approach each other in such a way that they cannot be separated. The "One Belt - One Road" (Silk Road Project) is actually the main vessel of the peaceful living.

"One Belt - One Road" project is a bridge between China and Europe. The name of this bridge is Eurasia.

The world is facing with a Eurasian reality today. We have to comprehend and evaluate Eurasia very well.

The reality of Eurasia has been shaped in the last twenty-five years, and four years ago, with the project "One Belt - One Road", new opportunities were formed. What are these opportunities? Firstly, they are cultural treasures. The treasures of a great civilization that we belong to for thousands years are available in Eurasia.

With the emergence of these treasures, there will be peace in Eurasia. In addition to the countries that are friends and relatives, their neighbor countries from China to England including Russia will be determined to live in peace.

A treasure of history will emerge as well as a cultural treasure, and a trade bridge going towards future will emerge.

The English, French, German goods will reach Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Georgia; Azerbaijan's oil, Turkmenistan's gas, Uzbekistan's cotton, China's silk will overflow the borders.

The richness of language will knock the doors of countries. Today, as the historic Silk Road takes its place on the scene of history again, I owe H.E. Xi Jinping the President of People's Republic of China a debt of gratitude.

I believe that the "One Belt - One Road" project will create mutual trust, common action and strong will in more than sixty countries. Therefore, solving the economic development problems will be easier. Also with this project, the strengthening of the international security will be provided.

Dr. Akkan Suver, Chairman of China Center for International Economic Exchanges  Zeng Peiyan  Dr. Akkan Suver had an interview with CCTV