European Union Leaders gathered in Romania

Thursday, May 9, 2019 - Read: 945
European Union Leaders gathered in Romania

In Romania which is the European Union’s term presidency, under the high auspices of Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis, the European Union Minister and officials came together in the Romanian city of Sibiu on the 9th of May European Union day.

For the European Day meeting in the city of Sibiu, Romania which the leaders of European countries outside the UK gathered together including Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, Turkey Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Faruk Kaymakçı and Ambassador Fusun Aramaz with on behalf of civil society Dr. Akkan Suver has also joined.

At the meeting which civic think-tanks of France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Holland, Ukraine attended, Dr. Akkan Suver president of the Marmara Group Foundation while making a speech at the session called; "Which and Whose Fundamental Values?", stressed the importance of statesmanship.

Evaluating Turkey's European Union project as a union of peace and stability in his speech Dr. Akkan Suver told the invalidity of thinking the Balkans without Turkey.

At the meeting held in Sibiu, European Union leaders expressed their belief in the idea of a single European from the West to the East. 30 years ago, millions of people struggled to be free, and leaders said the divisions would not benefit the European Union. To summarize; The leaders said that “ they will act in unity and solidarity. We will give importance to solidarity even in difficult times.”