Great Honor to Dr. Akkan Suver. Suver became a Citizen of Montenegro. Awarded with the Montenegro Medal of Merit.

Saturday, March 5, 2021 - Read: 197
Great Honor to Dr. Akkan Suver. Suver became a Citizen

President of Marmara Group Foundation Dr. Akkan Suver met with a great gesture of the Montenegro State during his visit to Montenegro. The Montenegrin State made Dr. Akkan Suver a Citizen, gave the Montenegro Passport, presented the Medal of Merit.

Speaking to Dr. Akkan Suver, whose State Medal of Merit and Passport was presented to him in a simple ceremony organized by the President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović at the Presidency due to the pandemic, Milo Đukanović briefly said: “You have achieved great success. Your twelve-year-long mission came to an end with the opening of our official consulate in Istanbul.

But the Montenegro Government has not forgotten your services. First of all, we wanted your Honorary Consulate to continue. And we made you the Honorary Consul of Balıkesir. Now, as a small reward for your services, we have made you a Montenegro citizen. By the way, while you are successfully representing Montenegro, you are also doing great services for peace in the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Considering these, we decided to give you the Montenegro Medal of Merit as a man of peace, now I present your Medal. "

Dr. Akkan Suver expressed his gratitude and appreciation in his speech of thanks to President Milo Đukanović. In summary, Dr. Akkan Suver said, "I believe that this has given me greater responsibilities.

From now on, I will address Your Excellency as My President, as your citizen. My President, I will represent Montenegro, which I have represented as an honorary consul for thirteen years, as a citizen from now on. I would like to thank Montenegro State and its Nation. You made me a citizen. You gave me my passport. Now you are giving me my Medal and my certificate. I am grateful to take these on behalf of my spouse, my children, and my family, as well as on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation, which represents the Turkish civil society, which I have been presiding for many years. I would like to thank you and your high person once again to the Montenegro State and its people”

Former Interior Minister of Montenegro Jusuf Kalemperovic and (Ret.) Ambassador Branko Milic was also present at the Award Ceremony of Dr. Akkan Suver.

This gesture made to me is actually a great example of loyalty.

How blessed you are that you do not forget your friends. The high fidelity you exhibit here is an act of humanity that exceeds any appreciation.