Happy Sugar Feast

Sunday, May 24, 2020 - Read: 675
Happy Sugar Feast

We are happy to realize the Sugar Feast. Due to the Sugar Feast, Dr. Akkan Suver, President of Marmara Group Foundation, published a message. Dr. Suver, in his message: "- I wish that the Sugar Feast brings peace and serenity to humanity. I congratulate the Sugar Feast of our citizens living in Turkey and abroad and the Islamic world as Marmara Group Foundation with our civil society identity. I hope that this festive day, in which national and spiritual values are experienced with enthusiasm, and that social ties are strengthened, will lead to solidarity in order to get rid of the whole human world from the epidemic of coronavirus. Today, we are experiencing the happiness of celebrating the Sugar Feast, where peace, love, and brotherhood atmosphere are reinforced. Happy Sugar Feast! "he said.

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