Its been 7 years since Demirel departed to Eternity.

Saturday, June 17, 2022 - Read: 255
Its been 7 years since Demirel departed to Eternity.

We lost the 9th President of the Turkish Republic, Süleyman Demirel, seven years ago.

On the 7th anniversary of Süleyman Demirel's death, Dr. Akkan Suver issued a press release.

"As the Marmara Group Foundation, we commemorate our 9th President Süleyman Demirel, one of the legendary names of the Turkish political world, with respect and mercy on the seventh anniversary of his passing.
Süleyman Demirel, who displayed an exemplary statesmanship with his respect for democracy, law and the constitution, was an internationally recognized figure. Süleyman Demirel, who also received the Marmara Group Foundation Medal of Honor and the Marmara Group Foundation Social Responsibility Awards; He gave great importance to the works of the Marmara Group Foundation in the field of civil society. We will always abide by the cherished memory of Süleyman Demirel, who also had a share and a stake in the formation of the Eurasian Economic Summits. "