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Writing a letter to Consul General of France and Ambassador of France to Ankara about the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Dr. Akkan Suver stated his sadness

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - Read : 216

Dr. Akkan Suver, the President of the Marmara Group Foundation, stating that the catastrophic fire that occurred in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is a great disaster, wrote a letter to the French Ambassador and the Consul General of France to İstanbul to express his sorrow on behalf of the civil society. In his letter, he said that; "The world culture has received a large and indescribable wound. Notre Dame Cathedral is the common heritage of all mankind, not only France," Dr. Akkan Suver's letter is as follows; "With the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris an important part of the world culture, a symbol of the world history heritage has been damaged. Humanity has faced a disaster with the burning of Notre Dame. As the Marmara Group Foundation with our civil society identity, we share the pain of Notre Dame fire, which is the legacy of all humanity as well as France."

Dr. Akkan Suver received Golden Man of the Year Award of the 15th Silkroad

Monday, April 15, 2019 - Read : 251

The International 15th Silk Road Golden Man of the Year Awards were presented by Silkroad Strategic Research Center and Silkroad Broadcasting Group. Many politicians, civil society leaders, diplomatic representatives, businessperson, members of the media from Turkey and the Turkish world were attended to the event which was held in Istanbul Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel. At the Night where The Civil Society Award of the Year was received by Dr. Akkan Suver from the Marmara Foundation, Şamil Ayrim, the member of the Marmara Group Foundation also received an award. Irina Vlah, the President of the Gagauz Autonomous Region of the Republic of Moldova, received an award for her service to the country and to the Turkish world at the Awards Ceremony in which Engin Köklüçınar, the Vice President of Marmara Group Foundation were present. The Honorary Doctorate was given to Seyfullah Türksoy at the ceremony by Prof. Dr. Elçin İsgenderzade, President of the International Science Center.

Ali Rıza Arslan visited Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Saturday, April 13, 2019 - Read : 238

Vice President of the Marmara Group Foundation, Ali Rıza Arslan visited Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli. During this visit, Ali Riza Arslan who is also the Chairman of Belarus - Turkey Business Council, exchanged views with the Co-chairman of Belarusian -Turkish Joint Commission on Economic, Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli about the visit of the Presidency of Belarus to Turkey.

Civil Society Dialogue Meeting

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - Read : 270

Civil Society Dialogue Meeting organized within the framework of the European Union Civil Society Support Programme carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs& EU took place in Ankara. In the Civil Society Support Meeting, in which Müjgan Suver and Lale Aytanç Nalbant participated on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation, Mehmet Selim Uslu, Christian Berger, Faruk Kaymakçı, Bülent Özcan talked about Civil Society Dialogue while holding the floor separately.

Xinhua News Agency spoke with Dr. Akkan Suver

Saturday, April 5, 2019 - Read : 330

Xinhua News Agency made an interview with Dr. Akkan Suver before the international meeting of One Belt- One Road in People's Republic of China. Answering the questions of the reporter of Xinhua News Agency Wang Feng, Dr. Akkan Suver stated that One Belt- One Road or with its historic name The Silk Road Project is a civilization integration project as well as a power, a market project.

Marmara Group Foundation visited Anıtkabir-Ataturk's Mausoleum

Saturday, April 5, 2019 - Read : 368

Marmara Group Foundation visited Anıtkabir (Ataturk's Mausoleum) before the 2019-2020 working period. Dr. Akkan Suver who signed the official Anıtkabir memorial book after the visit, stated that with our civil society identity, we continue our activities in the international arena according to the principles of peace at home, peace in the world. After the visit, the painting of Ataturk was presented by Commander Colonel Mustafa Şencan to the delegation who visited the Commander of Anıtkabir in his office. Dr. Akkan Suver wrote the following at the official Anıtkabir memorial book; "The Great Ataturk, we came into your high presence to offer our commitment and respect as Marmara Group Foundation with our civil society before starting our studies in 2019-2020. We are the followers of your works in the international arena together with to be faithfull to the philosophy of peace at home, peace in the world. We are trying to represent Turkish civil society through our activities. Rest in Peace."

Dr. Akkan Suver visited the Tomb of Türkeş

Thursday, April 4, 2019 - Read : 276

The President of the Marmara Group Foundation Dr. Akkan Suver visited the Tomb of Alparslan Türkeş on the 22nd anniversary of his passing to eternity. Dr. Akkan Suver had a conversation with people who came to visit the Tomb of Türkeş.

Marmara Group Foundation thanked the Prime Minister of New Zealand

Thursday, April 4, 2019 - Read : 321

While visiting Wendy Jane Hinton at her office, to be delivered to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mrs. Jacinda Ardern, we presented our thanks for her soothing, reassuring, decisive and respectful attitude with our civil society identity. The Ambassador of New Zealand, Wendy Hinton, expressed her gratitude on behalf of the New Zealand for the visit of the delegation of Marmara Group Foundation consisting of Dr. Akkan Suver, Tuğrul Türkeş, Şamil Ayrım, Engin Köklüçınar, Müjgan Suver, Gökhan Havuzlu, Dr. Hüseyin Avcı, Atty. Serhat Tabanca, Mustafa Ergin, Rahmi Dilek and Lamiya Veliyeva and State and she stated that she will forward the letter to Prime Minister Mr. Jacinda Ardern.

Josef Sestak was at the Marmara Group Foundation

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - Read : 282

The previous representative of Slovakia in İstanbul, Ambassador Josef Sestak, visited the Marmara Group Foundation. During the visit in which the civil society relations of Slovakia and Turkey discussed, the previous chairman of Turkish Automobile Sports Fderation,Businessperson Mumtaz Tahincioglu and Atty. Serhat Tabanca were also present.

The Meeting of Advisory Board Members of WE STAND (YANINDAYIZ)

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - Read : 214

While Members of the Advisory Board of WE STAND (YANINDAYIZ) Association coming together, including Müjgan Suver, The President of EU and Human Rights Platform of Marmara Group Foundation who is also associate member of the WE STAND (YANINDAYIZ) Association, discussed the topics such as evaluating the point where the association came from today, suggestions for increasing the awareness and effect of the association,"What have we done since the foundation of the Association? And what are we planning to do in 2019?" by WE STAND (YANINDAYIZ) Association.