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Dr. Akkan Suver is at the Signing Ceremony of One Road-One Belt

Sunday, May 14, 2017 - Read : 1592

Dr. Akkan Suver represented Turkey on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation in Beijing on the occasion of beginning of the workshop "One Belt-One Road (Silk Road Project)" that the President of People's China Xi Jingping mentioned four years ago. Dr. Akkan Suver, who made two speeches during the workshops of "New Situation of Globalization: New Challenges, New Opportunities, New Countermeasures" and "Belt and Road for Facilitating Strong, Balanced, Inclusive and Sustainable Global Economy", talked about the importance attached by Turkey to the "One Road-One Belt Project". While Dr. Akkan Suver attending the meetings on behalf of Turkey, civil society leaders of United States, Japan, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Peru, India, Mongolia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia made speeches at the workshops.(PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE FOR DETAILS)

The 69th Anniversary of State of Israels Independence was celebrated

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - Read : 1604

On the anniversary of the foundation of Israel, a reception was given by Shai Cohen, Consul General of Israel to Istanbul. In this reception, held at the Istanbul Hilton Hotel, a great appreciation was exhibited in a style that we have not been accustomed to for years. Israel's Consul General in Istanbul, Shai Cohen, awarded Üzeyir Garih, Ishak Alaton and Jak Kamhi, important personalities of our country. As Garih and Alaton passed away, their daughters received the awards on behalf of them. Jak Kamhi's award was received by his son Cefi Kamhi.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - Read : 1283

A memorial ceremony was held in front of the Haydar Aliyev Monument by Mesim Hajiyev, Consul General of Azerbaijan State, on the occasion of the 94th Birthday of Haydar Aliyev. On behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation, Akkan Suver and Cengiz Güldamlası placed flowers to the Haydar Aliyev Monument in Sarıyer, Istanbul. We present the article "Azerbaijan after Haydar Aliyev" written by Dr. Akkan Suver in Hürriyet Daily News with respect to our visitors.

Energy in Black Sea Workshop

Saturday, May 5, 2017 - Read : 1336

The Marmara Group Foundation and the New Strategy Center from Romania completed the "Energy in Black Sea" workshop which was held on May 5, 2017 in Kadir Has University in Istanbul with a great success.

Christians Celebrated the Easter

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - Read : 1395

Christians celebrated the Easter, which was within the same day with Referendum in Turkey, with their Official Acceptances on April 20, 2017. Dr. Akkan Suver congratulated the Christian World, on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation.

We have been in Montenegro,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - Read : 1265

Dr. Akkan Suver had a one-day business visit to Montenegro with a delegation consisting of Ibrahim Aksoy, Bahadır Aksoy, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Çakmak, and Prof. Dr. Edvin Prifti. The delegation of The Marmara Group Foundation which was accepted by the President of Montenegro H.E. Filip Vujanovic, Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Milutin Simovic, and Minister of Health H.E. Kenan Hrapovic individually, had also a visit to Turkish Embassy. The delegation that accepted by Ambassador H.E. Serhat Galip and his wife, presented information to Ambassador about this business visit.

Gratitude from Kızılelma to the Marmara Group Foundation

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - Read : 1464

Kızılelma Private Security Services, who had undertaken the security services of 20th Eurasian Economic Summit, extended their gratitude for the collaboration in the Summit, during their visit to Dr. Akkan Suver in the Marmara Group Foundation. On behalf of Kızılelma Private Security Services, Mr. Savaş Kütük presented a gift, the symbol of "Kızılelma" on it, to Dr. Akkan Suver.

The Ambassador of Mongolia was at the Marmara Group Foundation

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - Read : 1394

H.E. Bold Ravdan, the newly-appointed Ambassador of Mongolia paid a visit to the Marmara Group Foundation. Ambassador Bold Radvan, who paid a visit to Dr. Akkan Suver in his office, though he was accompanied with Hon. Consul General Muukh-Ochir Enebish, and Consul Enkhmunkh Bilegt, discussed on what can be done in the field of civil society between Turkey and Mongolia.

Gratitude to Bakırköy, Beşiktaş, Beylikdüzü and Maltepe Municipalities

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - Read : 1226

Bakırköy Municipality, Beşiktaş Municipality, Beylikdüzü Municipality and Maltepe Municipality hosted separately during the receptions in 20th Eurasian Economic Summit which was held by the Marmara Group Foundation.

Paşabahçe Displayed the Language of Colors, Perfection of Esthetics

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - Read : 1217

Paşabahçe, which had a glorious exhibition at the foyer of WOW Hotel, in which the 20th Eurasian Economic Summit took place, united the clarity of glass with the glory of the past. During their exhibition of naive, neat, yet majestic and exciting works, the Paşabahçe artists managed to bring what wanted to said and the purest way of esthetics together.(PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE FOR DETAILS)