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Dr. Akkan Suver visited Sarajevo

Saturday, December 10, 2016 - Read : 1501

Within the framework of the 20th Eurasian Economic Summit's work, Dr. Akkan Suver together with Nigar Sargan made a working visit to Sarajevo. The working visit started with meeting Bosnia and Herzegovina Finance Minister H.E. Vjekoslav Bevanda and continued with reception by the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Fadil Novalıć. During the reception various ministers from the government were also present. Dr. Suver met state secretary H.E. Melika Mahmutbegovic and received by the President Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Mladen Ivanic. (PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE FOR DETAILS)

İsmet Sezgin passed away

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - Read : 1481

İsmet Sezgin, among the former Turkish Parliamentary speakers has passed away. Mr. Sezgin a colorful personality in Turkish state and politics had attended several of Marmara Group Foundation’s national and international meetings. As Marmara Group Foundation we are deeply saddened by his loss. We will remember him with respect.

Marmara Group Foundation monitored the Presidential Election in Uzbekistan

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - Read : 1257

The Marmara Group Foundation delegation, Dr. Akkan Suver and Mr. Şamil Ayrım took part as observers in the Presidential Elections held in Uzbekistan. Dr. Akkan Suver and Mr. Şamil Ayrım were deployed in the city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan to fulfill their duty. They have observed polling stations at ten different election regions. After the election Dr. Akkan Suver and Mr. Şamil Ayrım hold a press conference on behalf of the observers and stated that Uzbekistan have acquired new achievements on the path of democracy with this elections.(PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE FOR DETAILS)

Marmara Group Foundation have visited the grave of Islam Karimov

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - Read : 1309

Dr. Akkan Suver and Mr. Şamil Ayrım who were present in Uzbekistan during the Presidential elections have visited the grave of founder of the Independent Republic of Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov and put flowers on his grave. Visiting the grave with the presence of muslim preachers and prayers, Dr. Akkan Suver and Mr. Şamil Ayrım stated to the press that ” Islam Karimov was a prominent and outstanding personality not only to Uzbekistan but to the entire Turkic World. He was the founder of independent Uzbekistan and built a prosperous country well accepted in the modern world. May God’s blessing be upon him”

Dr. Akkan Suver and Mr. Şamil Ayrım have visited the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Election Commission in Uzbekistan

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - Read : 1316

During their visit for the Presidential election in Uzbekistan, Dr. Akkan Suver and Mr. Şamil Ayrım were received by the Minister of Energy Fazlitdin I. Salomov. The Marmara Group Foundation delegation have invited the Minister of Energy Fazlitdin I. Salomov to the 20th Eurasian Economic Summit. Minister who gladly accepted the invitation praised the value given by Dr. Akkan Suver to the Uzbek- Turkish relations. Turkey's Ambassador to Tashkent Namık Güner Erpul was also present during the visit.


Monday, December 5, 2016 - Read : 1236

82 Years after the constitutional amendment on December 5, 1934 for women's rights to vote and being elected; 82 years ago in 1935 parliamentary elections, women had 18 seats in the Parliament and ranked 2nd in the world, Today with 82 women parliamentarians in the Turkish Parliament we rank 127th! “WE WANT TO SEE WOMEN WHO ARE HALF THE POPULATION, IN THE PARLIAMENT AND AT THE ADMINISTRATION LEVELS” TODAY WOMEN ARE THE SOLUTION!

Patriarch Bartholomew celebrates 25 years of His Patriarchal Ministry

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - Read : 1330

The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew hosted a reception on occasion of the 25 years of His tenure at the Patriarchal Ministry. The chiefs of the foreign diplomatic missions in Istanbul participated in the reception. At the reception, during which the Marmara Group Foundation was represented by Mrs. Müjgan Suver and Dr. Akkan Suver, H.H. Bartholomew – the Ecumenical Patriarch addressed a speech expressing his gladness for the coincidence of His accession to office for 25 years with the Feast Day of St. Andrew the Apostle. The reception was enlivened with the presence of the-then Minister of Interior of Turkey, Selahattin Çetin, who was the commander of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew during his military service as a reserve officer. Apart from this, a painting exhibition was held at the Consulate General of Greece to Istanbul in honour of the 25th anniversary of accession to the Patriarchal Ministry of the Patriarch Bartholomew. Dr. Akkan Suver visiting the art gallery together with Hon. Evangelos C. Sekeris, the Consul General of Greece in Istanbul, said ‘the 25 years of Patriarch Bartholomew at the office has gone with the wind.’

Visit to the City of Bar in Montenegro

Sunday, November 27, 2016 - Read : 1891

Dr. Akkan Suver, Mayor of Küçükkuyu Municipality Cengiz Balkan, together with Kenan Acıkök visited The City of Bar (the sister municipailty to Küçükkuyu) in Montenegro on 24-26 November 2016. Visiting the city of Bar upon the invite of Mayor Dr. Zoran Srzentic, the delegation also offered courtesy visits to the neighboring Virpazar, Budva, Kotor, and Hersegnovi. Delegation had the honor to attend the ceremonies organized in honor of the Day of the City of Bar. During the visit Dr. Akkan Suver and colleagues had meetings with President of Montenegro H.E. Filip Vujanovic, Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro H.E. Vujica Lazovic, Science Minister of Montenegro H.E Sanja Vlahovic and Minister of Health of Montenegro H.E. Kenan Hrapovic. Later General Director of WOW Hotels Mr. Ziya Cihan also joined the meetings. Former Minister of Internal Affairs H.E. Jusuf Kalamperovic was also present.

Cordial Dinner of KAGIDER

Thursday, November 24, 2016 - Read : 1169

The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER), which was established to improve female entrepreneurship and increase the abilities of women to participate in the labour force, has brought together the actual executive board of the organisation with its founding members. At the gathering held on November 24, 2016, the founding members – among which Mrs. Müjgan Suver, President of the EU and Human Rights Platform of the Marmara Group Foundation was present – shared their experiences with regard to the activities they have been engaged in during the establishment of KAGİDER and of different civil society foundations and discussed about the current issues, as well.

Members of The Network of Checks and Balances Meet in Istanbul

Thursday, November 24, 2016 - Read : 677

Network of Checks and Balances has held an exploratory meeting with its members in Istanbul moderated by Mujgan Suver in representation of the Marmara Group Foundation, a member of the Coordination Group. During the first session held under the title of “Political Developments and Assessing the State of Affairs” the members discussed the most recent events, the NGOs that were recently shut down as well as the state of the freedom to self organize in light of the Etat De Siege rulings. Factors to be mindful of, as well as the overall message of the network, were points of conversation.(PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE FOR DETAILS)