One Rumeli Television chose Tops of the Balkans

Monday, Feburary 12, 2018 - Read: 639
One Rumeli Television chose Tops of the Balkans

The "Tops" of the Balkans night, organized by One Rumeli Television, took place with great participation at Cemal Reşit Rey Convention Center in Istanbul. At the event, where representatives of the Balkan Associations as well as ministers, parliamentarians and civil society leaders of the Balkan countries were present, Atatürk was mentioned by all the speakers as the greatest person of the Balkan. The event that started with the opening speech of Atilla Baykal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tek Rumeli Television, the announcers and the spectacularly beautiful presentations of Gamze Matracı anbd Yusuf Emini were greatly appreciated. Dr. Akkan Suver presented one of the "Tops" of the Balkans award to the rector of Trakya University, Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu. Artists from Balkan countries and Balkan folklore teams brightened up the event with their performances during the event.

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