Shusha Greeting by Şamil Ayrım

Monday, November 9, 2020 - Read: 498
Shusha Greeting by Şamil Ayrım

Azerbaijan continues to liberate its occupied lands.

The city of Shusha, art and cultural center occupied on May 8, 1992, has saved today.
Congratulations to Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Our Marmara Foundation, of which I am a member, which defends the just cause of Azerbaijan on every platform, be on the lookout.

I would like to thank Mr. Dr. Akkan Suver, the esteemed President of the Marmara Foundation, and the friends who have worked so far.


November 8, the Victory Day

Again, in the statement made by the Presidency of Azerbaijan today, Armenia signed a declaration accepting defeat. It has been announced that the date of November 10, declared by President Ilham Aliyev as Victory Day, is the same as the Commemoration Day of Great Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey, who engraved his name in the history of the Turkish world with golden letters. It is a fact that Atatürk, who loves Azerbaijan wholeheartedly, says "The joy of Azerbaijan is our joy, our sorrow is our sorrow", and has a place in the hearts of every Azerbaijani.

And it was noted that President Aliyev decided to change the date of Victory Day, taking into account that November 10 is the Commemoration Day for Atatürk.

Victory Day was changed to November 8, which is the liberation of Shusha, the pearl of Karabakh. November 8 will be celebrated as Victory Day from now on, as it caused Armenia to defeat and the military operations to cease.

This decision was met with a great and welcomed in Turkey and maximized love for the President of Azerbaijan Mr. Aliyev and Azerbaijan.

General national leader of Azerbaijan, late Heydar Aliyev, while talking about Atatürk, he has repeatedly stated that "our way is his way". On this occasion, I once again wish God's mercy on our heroic martyrs who have entrusted this heavenly land to us.