Soho brought a touch of Montenegro to Istanbul

Sunday, April 1, 2018 - Read: 208
Soho brought a touch of Montenegro to Istanbul

Soho City, which is being built in Bar, Montenegro, was promoted in Istanbul. The opening of the promotion night, also attended by Bar's Mayor Dr. Zoran Srzentic, was made by General Manager Rade Vujacic. General Manager Vujacic showed a touch of Montenegro with his presentation. Dr. Akkan Suver participated in the event as Honorary Consul General of Montenegro. Soho City will bring a new aspect as the work of a contemporary architecture is described as a project and expects customers and investors from Turkey.

Bar Mayor Dr. Zoran Srzentic, Rade Vujacic from Soho City, Real Estate Agent Ivan Krstajic, Funda Peksen and Dr. Akkan Suver together

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