TBMM Webinar Held on Zoom

Saturday, September 18, 2020 - Read: 462
TBMM Webinar Held on Zoom

Within the scope of the EU Project we are conducting, fourth of the webinar series was held with the participation of Gülay Yedekci, Deputy of CHP 25.-26 and AK Party 27th Term Deputy Şamil Ayrım.

Yedekci, for the processes of youth participation in politics; She pointed out that an apolitical generation is growing up, therefore the number of young members of the parties is low. She stated that the policies of the parties should be developed in the participation of women and young perople in politics.

Yedekci also mentioned the necessity of providing positive discrimination to women and therefore the quota limit is necessary.
Şamil Ayrım, on the other hand, gave information about the working methods of political parties and advised young people to become members of the parties they found close to their views.

Ayrım said that if the young people express their criticism with their solution suggestions, more beneficial processes will be followed, and that the future can be built much better in this way.

Ayrım, pandemic period taken as an example, he said that Turkey's successful fight and He ended his speech by reminding the participants about the mask, distance and hygiene rules.