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A Success Story That Started 25 Years Ago

25th Eurasian Economic Summit


June 7, 8, 9 2022 – Istanbul

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We will open the environment topic to discussion with International Municipalities, Statesmen, Business People, Academics and Suppliers at the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit, where the post-COVID-19 economy, democracy and technology problems as well as the environment, climate, the importance of gender equality in development of countries which are parallel to these issues will be touched upon.

Searching a solution for the future...

Economic, political and social changes in the world…

Shifts in the balance of power...

What are the risks? What precautions should we take?

In the past 2 years, the world has acted faster and was more united than ever before in the face of sudden events. So what did we learn?

How did this speed and unity change our perception of the future? How did it affect our expectations?

What has the social world experienced with the rapidly developing events? Are we ready for change?

How do we find solutions to environmental problems that we created ourselves? What can be done? How do the problems caused by us affect the environment, economic life, politics and socio-cultural structure?

What is the future of food? What are the risks? Solutions and impacts.

Peace and dialogue are our enduring need. What is the future of peace and dialogue? New ways of dialogue or a return to the old way? Comparing old and new dialogue methods.

We will hold the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit in Istanbul on June 7, 8, 9, 2022 with the theme of a new energy economy and connecting with people under the influence of the deteriorating global economic conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of working together and reaching a safer future together.

Again at the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit, trade-technology-energy wars-green revolution-artificial intelligence-space and ocean-climate change-food and water security-global thoughts and strategies in line with the unknowns and preferences of the younger generations will be discussed with experts.

In the sessions that will be opened for discussion, we will look for ways to build a sustainable recovery and a better future on environment and climate change issues we experience with the business world, governmental and public institutions, non-governmental organizations, municipalities as well as spiritual and religious leaders.

With the aim of building a fair, inclusive and sustainable future, we will come together with bright and promising young people with the desire to prepare them for global leadership by creating a collaborative working culture in the session of “Connecting with People”.

At the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit, we will discuss the economy and energy issues that have begun to reshape on our planet, as regional powers have become more demanding than before, and countries with strong economies experience political weakness, and draw road maps for the future that only seek solutions to problems.

A new energy economy

The energy sector needs to be at the center of the combat against climate change. It is a known fact that there have been sharp increases in the prices of natural gas, coal and electricity due to the pressures of the post-pandemic economic recovery in the current energy system.

Clean electrification, wind and solar energy, energy efficiency, reduction of methane emissions and clean energy emission are new paradigms of energy.

Thus, changes in the energy balances will reshape global trade and capital flows.

With these reshaping trends, global trade and capital flows will be influenced by the new energy economy from now on. Here at the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit, we will open the new energy economy up for discussion.

Dialogue of Cities

We live in a global village. We want to cooperate with the municipalities in a global unity. The climate and environmental problems we experience and environmental migration are now causing problems on a global scale that exceeds the dimensions of the countries. However, we know very well that, any initiative that does not think globally, act locally and take strength from the local cannot be successful in urbanization. Therefore, we will try to bring the Mayors together with our belief that municipalities need regional cooperation and solidarity.

Towards A Greener World

With the ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement, the EU's green deal requires a serious and extensive transformation for both EU member states and countries that cooperate and trade with the EU. The local effects of the regulation to be made within the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement are probably going to be different in each country. Today, both digital transformation and green transformation are considered as a stepping stone. In particular, the EU plans to obligate the countries that cannot transform in terms of carbon neutralization to pay taxes. Therefore, since global competition will be evaluated with carbon neutralization goals, green transformation seems to be a goal that can only be achieved if united. Additionally, the negative effects of climate change have reached levels that cause it to be described as a climate crisis today. In this case, it makes it inevitable to take urgent measures on climate change and change paradigms in every field. We will talk about this issues with experts as well as spiritual and religious leaders at the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit.

Towards A more digital World

Automation technologies have developed very rapidly, especially in the last forty years. Many economic activities are now driven by digital technologies to a great extent. Smart technologies have entered our daily lives. As a continuation of this process, we are currently experiencing a "Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0". The “3D printers" are being used in more areas. "Artificial Intelligence, AI" technologies, which are based on the simulation of human intelligence, will make a great impact in the near future. The functioning of economies will increasingly be determined by the "robotic" mode of production.

Will mass unemployment and poverty become widespread? Can we take advantage from the industrial revolution? We will discuss these topics at the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit.

Connecting with People

We aim to connect with the youth, who are our future, at the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit. We named this session as “Connecting with People”. We want to host the global leaders of the future by creating a collaborative environment with the culture of working together, especially by bringing together bright and promising young people. Because we attach great importance to young people getting to know each other, connecting and collaborating.

The Global Importance of the Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative, which was shaped by the thoughts of Halford Mackinder ("Who controls Eurasia, controls the world") and Alfred T. Mahan ("Whosoever commands the sea commands the world"), continues to strengthen despite the pandemic we experience. Despite COVID-19 and the economic recession our planet is experiencing, it is important that the Belt and Road Initiative maintains its status quo. This initiative, which we consider as a project of peace, culture, civilization and cooperation, has created an admirable global cooperation in health as well as land and sea routes during the pandemic. At the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit, we will also talk about the latest state ​​of the Belt and Road Initiative, which we define as the initiative of the age.

Cooperation and Partnership Among the Global Business Communities 

At the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit, we will hold a "Cooperation and Partnership among the Global Business Communities" session in order to exchange views based on the experiences of the business people and introduce business people from Asia, Europe and Africa.

Business people willing to participate in the "Cooperation and Partnership among the Global Business Communities" session at the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit in order to create global collaborations by gathering the leading private sector leaders of Turkey and the world, can contact us via our email ( before the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit, until April 1, 2022.