The Eurasian Economic Summit, an international union of prestige, builds a platform for the economic, political and social responsibility and the development of world countries.

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The Eurasian Economic Summit, an international union of

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We see that mankind, while continuing everyday life, now begins to internalize the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The world is going through a devastating transformation and this is happening at dizzying speed. Everything is changing for humanity. The most significant reason for this transformation is by no doubt represented by digital technologies. We have already begun to debate the consequences for human mankind that arouse out of the fact that robots with artificial intelligence will take over human work and put into practice what they decide autonomously.

We are not surprised by the idea that we will be traveling with driverless cars, live in houses and work in offices that are all equipped with 3D technologies. We are aware that nano and biotechnology will totally change our lives. Smart production systems, smart houses, smart networks, smart cities and a smart state... Can you imagine how much these smart systems will affect the economy with their social networks and e-commerce channels?

We see that we are on the edge of a technical revolution, and we realize that short-term thinking in a long-term world is no longer effective.

As to be able to say "Welcome to the future!", we need to ask ourselves some questions first so as not to be excluded from transformation. Is it possible to continue with our old truths, education, old management and policies while our world is rapidly changing with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital technologies? What are the institutions and nations doing that show us the future?

In fact, the formula for catching up with the rapidly developing technologies and the spirit of time is very easy; are we able to keep up with this transformation we are going through, and are we able to take the necessary steps?

To move on as a part of this transformation: are we able to create sustainable ideas, create institutions, and create economies?

Success requires continuity. Are we able to develop our entrepreneurship culture that is compatible with the future, are we able to create new training and education methods, new policies?
Or do we still hope that we can build a future with today's facts?

The nations that are able to create their priority programs based on Investment, Research & Development and future generations, will be the winners of the future, those which cannot, will be losing!

The risks and benefits of crypto money which is being used by every person in every continent and which should be used as an exchange vehicle rather than a commodity, will be among the topics of the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit. Cryptocurrencies, which can be monitored for each transaction, are in the way of homogenizing taxes and becoming a currency that is owned by "individuals", not "the state". Independent cryptocurrency transfers, where banks are not intermediaries, can only protect value as long as they are trading.

In our world where such great positive developments are experienced, there is another power besides politics that competes with technology. Its name is terror, war and involuntary migration.

We aim to revive the topic of right wing and the future of the Middle East rising in the Western World.

The debate over the structural transformation of the European Union is critical for the future of Europe as a whole. The individual domain of the European Union will be expanded to the centralized deepened Euro Area and the 21st Century's broader and better regulated single market, legal and security domain.

But how can such a stable business and investment environment be created?

We will discuss what experienced wise men as well as young people with vision think about these issues that concern our future in the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit in the name of peace, politics and technology.

The aim of the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit is to create a platform where useful discussions are made that can answer the existing questions, where challenges and opportunities are spoken and the results are faced, and create a platform which will bring together events and inspiration. The most important contribution is to make a dominant dialogue culture. Because in a world where there is no sharing of ideas, it cannot be talked about a progress in a real sense.

We hope that the outputs of this Summit will help supporting the economic and democratic development of our nations.
                                                              SMART CITIES

On the other hand, we will also discuss another dimension of technological advancement in a special session at the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit, namely "Smart Cities".

Smart cities are aiming to make the developing urban population, the existing natural environment, energy, transportation, people etc. more efficient, sustainable and controllable.

Today, both the metropolitan and district municipalities are implementing successful projects in order to reach and serve the citizen. On the other hand, local management subsidiary companies as well as technology companies are also developing innovative smart city projects. In this session, we will evaluate projects of local governments and technology companies.

What will be the technological solutions for the smart city?
Smart city investment will undoubtedly also be a big saving for town budgets.
Maybe we need a smart city manifesto!
We will bring these topics on the agenda of the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit.


Since the beginning of the industrialization, mankind has been living the hottest third year. 2017 broke a controversial high temperature record worldwide. Climate researchers are on alert. Climate change is not just about the environment, it affects many areas as from finance to the health sector. The effects of the climate change, which became more evident each passing day, are clearly visible. While in America some parts are even colder than Mars, Australia is roasting. The effects of climate change, which is at the top of the greatest threats to the future of the world, are becoming clearer every day. Especially the unusual temperature values of the recent days in North America and Australia reveal the effects this dangerous change could have on our planet. In North America, temperatures have fallen to levels much lower than they have been for years. The cold-air bomb that brought hurricanes and snowstorms hit the northeastern coast of the United States in the past days. This climate phenomenon, called bombogenesis, caused the temperature in some parts of the US and Canada to fall even lower than on Mars. This extreme heat brings fires with it that are hard to control. Comparing the record heat in Australia with the temperature in the tops of the northeastern United States, we can see that the temperature difference between the east and the west of the world is massive. This causes a worrying table to emerge for the future of the world.
We will also debate climate change at the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit.



While our world progresses with digital technology on the one hand, it is on the other hand in the struggle with discrimination against women and girls with the influence of conservative movements strengthened by populist policies. This situation, which is the paradox of our century, is international hypocrisy beyond thought-provoking.

On the one hand, international agreements, the UN-CEDAW, the decisions of the EU Council and the changing legislation on the other hand show that "laws" are only a template when considering the rise of violence against women and girls. The enforcement of these laws is essential. It is to change the thoughts and views of politicians, judges and prosecutors who will enact those laws.

This is the time for women to speak with a higher voice in this meeting which will be held in order to raise awareness. It is futile to hope and wait that everything will change over time.

While knowing that the provision of gender equality is an indispensable element of democratic development, extent growth and sustainable development, the problem has already come out of being a women's problem. This is the problem of all of us. It is the problem of the politician, the artist, the business world, of women and men. Every individual has the obligation to contribute to this transformation, starting from his own domain.


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