We lost Kenan Akın

Wednesday, December 30, 2020 - Read: 320
We lost Kenan Akın

We lost our friend Kenan Akın, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Marmara Group Foundation.

President of Marmara Group Foundation Dr. Akkan Suver made a statement on Kenan Akın's transfer to eternity:

" My dear friends,

We lost our precious brother Kenan Akın, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Marmara Group Foundation, due to multiple organ failure after the coronavirus.

We will always remember our brother Kenan Akın, who distinguished himself with his vast knowledge, high collaborative character, and exceptional modesty in the works of the Marmara Group Foundation, as a guiding friend in our work.

As the Marmara Group Foundation, we will not forget their sincere services. Especially, during the Eurasian Economic Summits, we will always remember their sincere rush and sacrifices.

May the mercy of Allah Almighty was not missing from our Dear Friend.

On this occasion, I share the justified pain of his grieving family on behalf of myself and my friends who form the Marmara Group Foundation."