27th Eurasian Economic Summit Agenda

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 - Read: 826
27th Eurasian Economic Summit Agenda



“Cooperation for Building a More Inclusive World”

In our world, unforeseen events, whether occurring simultaneously or at different times, in the realms of natural, economic, social, and political developments, occasionally escalate into regional or global crises. In a world that has become a global village, the quest for stability necessitates cooperation among countries.

While climate change and global warming ring alarm bells for the world, failure in addressing these issues promptly can set traps of crisis, such as shortages in food, water, minerals, and raw materials, as well as challenges in providing uninterrupted and sustainable energy, resulting in high inflation or stagnation in the economy. Discussions on how to break the cycle of poverty, overcome the middle-income trap, and ensure economic and social welfare for every country and individual will be part of the sessions at the 27th Eurasian Economic Summit.

The second decade of the 21st century has brought the economic, social, and political repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic to the forefront of the global agenda. The threats facing the economy, democracy, and the legal system underscore the need for effective crisis management solutions, as an inability to address these issues in ways that benefit humanity could lead to a widespread humanitarian crisis.

Technology has had a significant impact on addressing pandemics and public health crises. In this regard, we will respectfully acknowledge the contributions of Turkish doctors Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci, who have placed the necessary vaccines at the service of humanity in the fight against the pandemic.

We are witnessing the multifaceted negative effects of the Russia-Ukraine war in various areas, particularly in food and energy security. Ongoing conflicts in Syria, the Caucasus, Africa, tensions in the Taiwan Strait in Asia, terrorism in Lebanon and Iraq, tragedy in the Palestine, and irrational behavior in Afghanistan are all occurring simultaneously. All of these events are contributing to a deepening polarization in the world and providing new market opportunities for countries, big and small, in the defense industry.

Another consequence of war and conflict is the refugee crisis. In today's world, involuntary migration continues to increase, driven by displaced individuals seeking better living conditions, a desire for greater freedom, and escaping thirst, hunger, and poverty. Therefore, the refugee crisis is also considered a separate component of the crises we are experiencing and will be addressed at the 27th Eurasian Economic Summit. The focus will be on how to find solutions to the ongoing humanitarian crisis and how we can contribute to the construction of "sustainable peace" in the world.

We will explore how the world can overcome the claims of Fukuyama's "End of History," Brzezinski's "Grand Chessboard," and Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations." These questions will be on the agenda of the 27th Eurasian Economic Summit.




1.  General Economic Issues and Subtopics

·      A look at the general economic outlook over the last 10 years worldwide.

·      Challenges in the supply chains and Food Security.

·      Rapid population growth in major cities, urban and rural poverty.

·      The Quality of Economic Growth.

·      Aid, Foreign Assistance, Basic Income Discussions.

·      External Debt Problem and Sustainable Borrowing.


2.  Climate Crisis, Environmental, and Energy Issues Subtopics

·   Reduction targets in the use of fossil fuels. Alignment with international criteria and goals. Measures to address climate change and global warming; the importance and conservation of biodiversity, ways to halt ecosystem collapse. Preparedness and awareness creation for natural disasters, the significance of Red Cross, Red Crescent, and World Health Organization in international cooperation.

·      Ensuring Sustainable and Uninterrupted Energy Supply.

·    The energy bottleneck, energy supply security, and fuel prices are among the biggest challenges facing humanity.

·      Especially price, production, and production cost issues in energy.

·      Alternatives in renewable energy: Hydro, Solar, Wind, Nuclear energy alternatives.

·   Energy efficiency and energy conservation: Less greenhouse gas emissions, energy security, sustainable energy consumption for sustainable economic growth.


3.  Subtopics on Basic Rights, Democracy, and Human Rights Violations in Authoritarian Regimes

The increasing occurrences of human rights violations and the use of violence in all areas, inequalities, restrictions on freedoms, the loss of practical validity of rights granted by laws, and concerns about citizens' right to life are alarming. Reports of ill-treatment and torture are something we face every day. Human rights violations in thought, expression, assembly, and association are on the agenda worldwide.

We will particularly emphasize the importance of preserving and safeguarding peace. The Ukraine-Russia conflict, the future of Karabakh, the tension between Kosovo and Serbia, the stability of Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon are among the impending issues. We will address these topics in a dedicated session on security, stability, and peace.

·      The Importance of Equality Before the Law and the Supremacy of Law

·      Judicial Independence and the Importance of Separation of Powers

·      Freedom of the Press and Its Boundaries, Self-Censorship

·      Individual Liberties and Judicial Processes

·      Constitutional Court and Other Courts

·      The Court of Accounts as a Control Mechanism

·      The High Election Board and Its Significance for the Democratic Process

·   Protection of Women and Children's Rights, Equal Opportunities in Education and Employment, and Prevention of Violence Against Women


4.  Cooperation in Combating Illicit Trade

·      Drugs

·      Human Trafficking

·      Organ Trafficking

·      Protection of Historical and Archaeological Artifacts

·      Combating Arms and Precious Metals Smuggling and the Role and Significance of Cooperation


5.  The Future of Humanity and the Legal Framework of Artificial Intelligence

The transformation of human intelligence and the role of artificial intelligence as its product; how artificial intelligence is reshaping operations across different sectors and organizations; the present and future of artificial intelligence in agriculture, industry, transportation, traffic management, healthcare, and education. The responsibility and legal aspects of artificial intelligence.

6.  Transportation Corridors: The Project to Integrate the World The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Outlook for 2023-24

The Marmara Group Foundation and the Eurasian Economic Summits attach great importance to China's "Belt and Road Initiative." In the 27th Eurasian Economic Summit, the "Belt and Road Initiative" in its eleventh year will be discussed as a project of dialogue for peace, prosperity, and civilization, aiming to connect Beijing to London via land and sea routes. The technical, economic, social, and cultural impacts of this project will be examined.

7.  Special Session of the 27th Eurasian Economic Summit: "A Lifetime in Pursuit of Water" - Sustainable Water Management in Commemoration of H.E.Süleyman Demirel on the 100th Anniversary of His Birth

In this session, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of H.E. Süleyman Demirel's birth, topics related to sustainable water management will be discussed. H.E. Süleyman Demirel, who made an unforgettable contribution to the establishment of the Marmara Group Foundation and the current success of the Eurasian Economic Summits, will be commemorated in this special session. As a symbol of our appreciation for his enduring contributions, we will always remember him, and we will hear about his bureaucratic journey regarding the sustainable use of Türkiye’s water resources from his colleagues in Türkiye and abroad.

·      Sustainable Water Use

·      Water Conservation and Water Purification and Retention Technologies

·      "In Pursuit of Water for a Lifetime" is primarily a tribute from H.E. Süleyman Demirel to the hardworking women of Türkiye.