23rd Eurasian Economic Summit opened with the message of Ilham Aliyev

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - Read: 777
23rd Eurasian Economic Summit opened with the message o

23rd Eurasian Economic Summit which has been organizing for 22 years, started to work with the participation of 45 countries.

The opening of the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit, which was held on satellite this year due to the coronavirus epidemic, was opened by Marmara Group Foundation President Dr. Akkan Suver. In his speech that he brought Turkey's rights in the Mediterranean Sea on the agenda, Dr Akkan Suver stated that “Excluding Turkey from the Mediterranean is no different than excluding it from the West"

Emphasizing the lawlessness of Armenia, Dr. Akkan Suver, stated that “Turkey supports Azerbaijan altogether”. Stating the world's need for globalization, Dr. Akkan Suver demonstrated the need for unity in combating the epidemic, so he said that they organized the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit under the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative, which is a peace and welfare project.

Speaking after Dr. Akkan Suver's opening speech, Azerbaijani Energy Minister Perviz Şahbazov read Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's message to the Turkish nation through the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit.

Before noon, at the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit, Avcılar Mayor Atty. Turan Hançerli, IHKIB Chairman Mustafa Gültepe, Turkey Exporters Assembly President Ismail Gülle, IRCICA Director General Prof. Dr. Halid Eren, TURKSOY Secretary General Prof. Dr. Asaf Hajıyev, OSCE President George Tsereteli and Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya also took the floor.

On behalf of the guests, Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Marinko Cavara greeted the participants.

The morning session ended with the Fashion Show prepared by İHKİB's designer Kadri Kılıç.

The 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit, took place in a studio in Yunus Emre Cultural Center with a limited number of participants due to coronavirus.

The Ambassador of Ghana to Ankara Salma Frances Mancell-Egala also participated to the Summit.

In the afternoon, the Economy session, moderated by Prof. Dr. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu and Turan Sarıgülle, started to work with the speech of Helen Yang, as a Guest Speaker, General Manager of SİNOVAC BIOTECH, who works on coronavirus vaccine.

During the economic session, the Chairman of the Mongolian Parliament, Zandanshatar Gombajav, the Former Chancellor of Austria, Dr. Erhard Busek, Deputy of Albania Senida Mesi, Deputy of Belgium Emir Kır, Secretary General of the Vienna Economic Forum Dr. Elena Kirtcheva, Prince of Romania Prince Radu, Vice President of Foreign Affairs of China Ou Boqian, Former Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Djoomart Otorbaev, Former Prime Minister of Romania Petre Roman, Senator of Romania Ionut Vulpescu, BSEC Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Ebru Barutçu Gökdenizler, Montenegro former Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazovic, Uzbekistan Executive Director of the Center for Strategic Development Eldar Tulyakov, President of MEPEI Flavius ​​Caba-Maria, former Prime Minister of Gagauzia Dimitri Crotior and Dr. Changning Chen from Sichuan University of China took the floor. Yavuz Selim Kıran, Deputy Foreign Minister, who couldn’t attend at the morning session due to his agenda in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Later, Turkish Airlines promotional film was watched. This promotional film was followed by the movie promoting SOCAR.

In the afternoon, at the 3rd seesion, the topic of energy was brought to the agenda. This seesion was held under the moderation of Cafer Ocray and Sezgin Bilgiç.

In this seesion, Deputy Minister of Energy of Azerbaijan Elnur Soltanov, Deputy Minister of Energy of Turkmenistan Rovshen Nuryagdyyev, President of London Energy Club Mehmet Öğütçü, Deputy of South Africa Zolani Mkiva, SOCAR CEO Advisor Murat Lecompte, Bulgarian Energy Law Attorney Vladimir Penkov, Director of European Institute for Eurasian Dialogue (EIEAD) Leonardo Manzari, Black Sea House President Dorin Popescu, Director of Slovenian Life Learning Academia Marjetka Kastner, China Peace and Disarmament Association General Secretary An Yue Jun, former Minister of State of Kosovo Mahir Yağcılar and British MP Alderman Emma Edhem took the floor.

 The 23 rd Eurasian Economic Summit will continue tomorrow.