Marmara Group Strategic and Social Research Foundation was established as an independent Non-Governmental Organization in 1985 and organizes meetings, seminars, conferences and prepares reports, views and also makes analysis in order to determine solutions to problems of Turkey.

Marmara Group Foundation is an observer member of United Nations Economic and Social Council, a member of Balkan Political Club, an observer member of Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, member of World Mongolian Convention. Furthermore, Marmara Group Foundation has “Strategic Partnership” agreements with Vienna Economic Forum, Slovenia's Bled Strategic Forum, Slovenia's Life Learning Academy, Bulgaria's Slavyani Foundation, China Human Rights Development Association, China Association for International Friendly Contact, Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament, (IFSPD)- International Foundation for Sustainable Peace and Development of Romania, Friendship Organization of Mongolia, Serbia's Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development, New Strategy Center of Romania and Hungarian Initiative Foundation. The President of Marmara Group Foundation is Dr. Akkan Suver 


The Mission of Marmara Group Strategic and Social Research Foundation is: To think about and discuss Turkey’s problems such as economy, democracy and security and to share ideas with public opinion by finding rational and scientific solutions.

In this direction, Marmara Group Foundation conducts researches and implements projects with Middle East, Balkans, Eurasian Countries, national and international think-tanks.


To promote economic and democratic development of Turkey in the direction of contemporary values in the world.

To analyze effects of transformations and developments seen in the areas of science, technology, economy, democracy and their reflections on our social and political life.

To support Turkey EU membership and promote the relevant transformations and gender equality within the framework of EU criteria.

To support the transition from traditional to modernity in order to enable society and individual to be a part of democracy in our country.



Eurasian Economic Summits are annually organized with the active participation of national and international decision makers and experts in the fields of economy, politics, energy, sociology and security. The purpose of these Summits are to bring our country's businessmen, politicians and academics together and help them to cooperate in the fields of economy, democracy and security. The number of participants to the Eurasian Economic Summits are annually increasing. 


Marmara Group Foundation attaches great importance and supports Turkey's EU membership and accordingly watches and evaluates the change in our country with regards to the EU criteria. It implements joint effort with other pro EU NGOs. Implements campaigns in order to establish European values within the thought system of the society. Again within the same framework, it implements projects that promote gender equality and human rights.

It also implements projects regarding women executives, women's participation to employment, sustainable development, constitution, separation of powers and the importance of checks and balances mechanisms. Provides active support and participation to other platforms organized by NGOs. Within this framework it serves as an expert member to the Gender Equality group of TÜSİAD, member of the executive board of Righteous Women Platform, joint chair of the Checks and Balances Network and an active member of a peace project WINPEACE. It also collaborates with universities working on EU and Human Rights.


Within this Council where academics and social leaders actively participate, the problems of our country and region are addressed, questioned with expert invitees and rational and scientific solutions are try to be created.

The reports prepared as the view of Marmara Group and shared with decision making bodies and public opinion via communication tools as press releases, emails, fax and etc.


Actively participates to meetings and organizations. Debates the problems in the agenda and the problems of the youth and presents the ''Youth View'' reports to the Executive Board.

Promotes Marmara Group Foundation at the universities and youth environments to ensure participation and volunteers.




The solution and non-solution of problems bring certain risks among them. We have to produce modern policies for the solutions to problems in Turkey. In these meetings the experts and social leaders as defenders of different sides realize evaluations, analyses, research and comment to seek and find points of negotiation and reconciliation.