Park in the Name of Yüksel Çengel

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - Read: 618
Park in the Name of Yüksel Çengel

Ayfer and Yüksel Çengel, along with Dr. Akkan Suver, visited Avcılar Mayor Atty. Turan Hançerli at his office.

The Avcılar Municipal Council has decided to name a park in Avcılar after Yüksel Çengel.

Ayfer and Yüksel Çengel expressed their gratitude to Mayor Atty. Turan Hançerli for this gesture of high courtesy and generosity during their visit to his office. Dr. Akkan Suver also extended the thanks of the Marmara Group Foundation to the Mayor for this courtesy to Yüksel Çengel.