The Center for Social Studies of Azerbaijan will cooperate with Marmara Group Foundation

Saturday, August 30, 2019 - Read: 1968
The Center for Social Studies of Azerbaijan will cooper

The Center for Social Studies of Azerbaijan, based in Baku, and the Marmara Group Foundation decided to cooperate in the field of civil society. In a ceremony held in Baku, according to Cooperation Protocol signed by President Dr. Akkan Suver on behalf of Marmara Group Foundation and President of The Center for Social Studies , Deputy of Azerbaijan Zahid Oruc on behalf of Social Investigation Center, two non-governmental organizations while carrying out joint activities at national and international level will be bright face Turkey and Azerbaijan.

During the signing ceremony, Ambassador of Turkey to Baku Erkan Özoral, Deputy of İstanbul, President of Azerbaijan-Turkey Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, Member of the Board of Trustees of Marmara Group Foundation Şamil Ayrım, Deputy of Azerbaijan Prof.Dr.Nizami Caferov, Member of Executive Council of Marmara Group Foundation Gökhan Havuzlu together with Managers of The Center for Social Studies and Turkish businessmen in Baku were also present.

At the signing ceremony, Zahid Oruc offered information about the Center for Social Studies and indicated that the newly established center, collaborated with various centers in Turkey, Russia, Israel, USA and the United Kingdom he said. Head of the Center for Social Studies; "-Turkey and Azerbaijan successfully cooperate in many areas that make this cooperation with the Marmara Group Foundation, would increase it further," he said.

President of Marmara Group Foundation said that Turkey and Azerbaijan executed major projects for the region and the world in recent years. Stating that both countries have become an important power in the region, Dr. Suver emphasized that Azerbaijan has a very important effect in maintaining stability in the Caucasus region.

Deputy of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Chairman of Turkey-Azerbaijan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, and Member of the Board of Trustees of Marmara Group Foundation Şamil Ayrım stated that it was an important event for the establishment of the Center for Social Studies in Azerbaijan. Both Turkey and Azerbaijan's relevant bodies of the world, he stressed the need to strengthen institutions and various political activities in the university.

Turkey's Ambassador to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral, spoke of Azerbaijan-Turkey diplomatic relations. The two countries have successfully cooperated in many areas, he said. He underlined that the Both brotherly country always supports each other.

Nizami Jafarov, the deputy chairman of the Atatürk Center in Azerbaijan, said that the two countries have the same roots, language, religion, culture and many other ties.

Parties also expressed confidence that the signed protocol will be successful.