Women's Participation in Democratic Processes Seminar

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - Read: 1883
Women's Participation in Democratic Processes Seminar

Seminars continue under the Turkish Youth and Women for Democracy Project.

The opening speeches were given by the Chairwoman of the EU and Human Rights Platform Müjgan Suver and Assoc. Dr. Armağan Gözkaman at the Taksim Campus of Beykent University.

During the seminar on Women's Participation in Democratic Processes, Atty. Elif Görgülü gave information about women's participation in political processes. She emphasized that women's participation in decision-making bodies throughout history has been an indispensable part of democracy.

The participation and interest of Beykent University students were great in the seminar, moderated by Dr. Ezgi Cankurt.