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International Relations


Corona Days

7.7.2020 - Read : 359

As Marmara Group Foundation with our civil society identity we welcome your efforts, studies and solutions at local and global level to our Corona Days website. Our information pool, Marmara Group Foundation Corona Days / Corona Days, is open to your opinions and thoughts as a free tribune. We believe that we will win this war together. Please click on the headline to read the messages of Dr. Akkan Suver, Milo Djukanovic President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic, I. Bartholomeos, Şeyh-ül-İslam Allahşükür Paşazade, Ertuğrul Kumcuoğlu, Yüksel Çengel, Engin Köklüçınar, Ali Rıza Arslan, Müjgan Suver, Lale Aytanç Nalbant, Turan Sarıgülle, Sezgin Bilgiç, Atty. Serhat Tabanca, Sevil Kulak, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Samsunlu, Necdet Timur, Murat Ali , Prof. Dr. Erman Tuncer, Prof. Dr. Ali Bardakoğlu, President of Chinese People’s Institute for Foreign Affairs Wang Chao, Tamer Atalay, Baha Afaneh, Bosnia Herzegovina Secretary of the Government Edita Kalajdžić, Halid Niyazov, Ambassador Ou Boqian, Li Zhiqiang, Ambassador Dr. Dagva Tsakhilgaan, Leonardo Manzari Mahmut Saklı, Hadi Nezir, Birol Kılıç, Canio Trione, Bahadır Aksoy Flavius Caba-Maria, İbrahim Aybar and Her Majesty Margareta of Romania from the Marmara Group Foundation family.

Dr. Akkan Suver reacted to alleged elections in Nagorno-Karabakh

1.4.2020 - Read : 35

Dr. Akkan Suver's press release: The false elections planned to be held in Upper Nagorno-Karabakh, which has been the territory of Azerbaijan until now and accepted by the OSCE, the UN, the Council of Europe, are illegal. These lands under occupation were thus a banditry against the activities of the Minsk Group. Therefore, as Marmara Group Foundation, we reject the so-called election choice of Armenia with our civil society identity. In an environment where the world is fighting with the corona virus, this attempt by Armenia is actually a sign of how far it is from the human world. We address international organizations with our civil society identity: Armenia is red-handed. Let's not be a spectator to the misfeasance of these people who occupy a geography unfairly.

Happy Nawruz

19.3.2020 - Read : 400

We are happy to realize the Nawruz Festival, which is the common holiday of the Turkish World. Nawruz Holiday, known and recognized for centuries as a cultural unity in Turkish states and communities as well as the herald of spring, is an important draw that brings us side by side. On this important feast day, we wish the Turkish world unity and solidarity. Happy Nawruz to Great Turkish World.

Happy March 18 Victory

18.3.2020 - Read : 545

Great Atatürk says: "The Çanakkale Victory is an astonishing and congratulatory example of the Turkish soldier, who shows the spirit and power of the Turkish soldier. You must be sure that it is this high spirit that won the Battle of Çanakkale. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk" On the 105th anniversary of the March 18 Çanakkale Naval Victory, we are commemorating all our martyrs who gave us this heavenly land, by paying tribute to all of our veterans, especially Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Challenging Traditional Culture Seminar Has Been Held

13.3.2020 - Read : 603

"Challenging Traditional Culture Seminar" took place on Thursday, March 13th at Taksim Campus of Beykent University. Previous MP - Ambassador Ertuğrul KUMCUOĞLU was the guest speaker at the seminar, moderated by Marmara Group Social and Strategic Research Foundation's Head of EU and Human Rights Platform, Müjgan SUVER. Ertuğrul KUMCUOĞLU who claims that politics cannot be done by denying traditions, throughout the seminars emphasized that women are a big part of production in Turkish economy, especially in times when the economy is predominantly based on agriculture. He also claimed that they are not only obliged to take care of children as now, and said, “My mother used to milk cows, collect cotton and run a big farm. Does it mean that my mother only raising a child?" Despite the number of participants who were far below the expected due to the danger of the coronavirus, which has been ravaging the world recently, Ertuğrul KUMCUOĞLU said, "If there was one person here today, I would have talked." then he thanked Mr. Müjgan SUVER.

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