20th Eurasian Economic Summit has been completed with the participation of 44 countries

20th Eurasian Economic Summit has been completed with the participation of 44 countries

20th Eurasian Economic Summit was finalized with the valued participation of 300 statesmen, academicians, religious functionaries and businessmen from 44 countries. The Guest of Honor of this year’s Summit, of which Azerbaijan was again chosen as the star country, was Edward De Bono, a world-renowned visionary writer....

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MEF Educational Institutions National and International Research Projects Competition

23.5.2017 - Read : 35

On behalf of Honorary General Consulate of Montenegro, Mujgan Suver attended to the opening ceremony of “26th MEF Educational Institutions National and International Research Projects Competition" which was held on 23-25 May, 2017 by MEF University and MEF Educational Institutions. High School inventors from 13 countries went on to the finals in "Research Projects Competition" which both contains the branches of physics, chemistry, biology and attracts attention of countries like Germany, America, Austria, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Dubai, Romania, Israel, TRNC, Russia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Belgium, Thailand, Sweden, Lithuania, Canada, Africa, China and Poland as well as Turkey. Haris Murati and Dino Colovic from "30. Septembar High School" represented Montenegro in the finals of the competition, which was organized to conduct young brains to think in scientific methods and was also open for all high school students, under the supervision of their teacher Suzana Dacic with the project of "Pollution of the River Ibar".

Chinese Diplomats vısıted the Marmara Group

20.5.2017 - Read : 82

A group of Ambassadors from the Chinese Foreign Affairs Advisory Commission for Foreign Policies, visited the Marmara Group Foundation. The Chinese Foreign Affairs Delegation, consisted of Sike Wu, Xiaopei Zhou, Yinghuang Zhu, Su Chen, Jing Yang, Chunliang Li and Yang Li had a meeting with Şamil Ayrım, Cafer Okray, Faruk Dogan, Yuksel Önel from the Marmara Group Foundation. During the visit, the issue of Turkey's importance to "One Belt - One Road" that took place the week we were left behind was brought to the agenda.

Dr. Akkan Suver is at the Signing Ceremony of One Road-One Belt

14.5.2017 - Read : 164

Dr. Akkan Suver represented Turkey on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation in Beijing on the occasion of beginning of the workshop "One Belt-One Road (Silk Road Project)" that the President of People's China Xi Jingping mentioned four years ago. Dr. Akkan Suver, who made two speeches during the workshops of "New Situation of Globalization: New Challenges, New Opportunities, New Countermeasures" and "Belt and Road for Facilitating Strong, Balanced, Inclusive and Sustainable Global Economy", talked about the importance attached by Turkey to the "One Road-One Belt Project". While Dr. Akkan Suver attending the meetings on behalf of Turkey, civil society leaders of United States, Japan, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Peru, India, Mongolia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia made speeches at the workshops.(PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE FOR DETAILS)

The 69th Anniversary of State of Israels Independence was celebrated

11.5.2017 - Read : 149

On the anniversary of the foundation of Israel, a reception was given by Shai Cohen, Consul General of Israel to Istanbul. In this reception, held at the Istanbul Hilton Hotel, a great appreciation was exhibited in a style that we have not been accustomed to for years. Israel's Consul General in Istanbul, Shai Cohen, awarded Üzeyir Garih, Ishak Alaton and Jak Kamhi, important personalities of our country. As Garih and Alaton passed away, their daughters received the awards on behalf of them. Jak Kamhi's award was received by his son Cefi Kamhi.


10.5.2017 - Read : 153

A memorial ceremony was held in front of the Haydar Aliyev Monument by Mesim Hajiyev, Consul General of Azerbaijan State, on the occasion of the 94th Birthday of Haydar Aliyev. On behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation, Akkan Suver and Cengiz Güldamlası placed flowers to the Haydar Aliyev Monument in Sarıyer, Istanbul. We present the article "Azerbaijan after Haydar Aliyev" written by Dr. Akkan Suver in Hürriyet Daily News with respect to our visitors.

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