20th Eurasian Economic Summit has been completed with the participation of 44 countries

20th Eurasian Economic Summit has been completed with the participation of 44 countries

20th Eurasian Economic Summit was finalized with the valued participation of 300 statesmen, academicians, religious functionaries and businessmen from 44 countries. The Guest of Honor of this year’s Summit, of which Azerbaijan was again chosen as the star country, was Edward De Bono, a world-renowned visionary writer....

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21.6.2017 - Read : 69

The Marmara Group Foundation was also present at the iftars that were organized in Istanbul during Ramadan month. In the Iftar Organizations arranged during the days we left behind, Dr. Akkan Suver, Engin Köklüçınar, Nuri Artok, Advt. Ercument Güvercin, Prof. Dr. Sedefhan Oğuz were present individually and represented the Marmara Group Foundation.(PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE FOR DETAILS)


17.6.2017 - Read : 120

We are on the second anniversary of 9th President of Turkey Süleyman Demirel's death. President Süleyman Demirel was commemorated with memorial ceremonies organized by Isparta Süleyman Demirel University. Again in Isparta, a Mawlid was also read in the spirit of Süleyman Demirel. As the Marmara Group Foundation, we bow respectfully to Süleyman Demirel who was one of the those that has contributions to the foundation of the Marmara Group Foundation and we embrace him with mercy.

Fatih Arslan attended to NGO meeting in China

14.6.2017 - Read : 225

Mehmet Fatih Arslan, advisor of the Marmara Group Foundation, attended the "Asian and African NGOs" - "civil society organizations" meeting organized in the People's Republic of China on the occasion of 2017 Chinese Year. Representatives from Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt and Zambia, as well as Fatih Arslan, expressed their views at the meetings where the seven countries were the main speakers.(PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE FOR DETAILS)

National Day of Russian Federation was Celebrated

13.6.2017 - Read : 214

Consul General of Russian Federation to Istanbul Andrey Podelyshev gave a reception in Conrad Hotel on the occasion of Russian National Day. Dr. Akkan Suver and Müjgan Suver were present on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation in the reception where Deputy Governor of Istanbul Ismail Gültekin and Bahçeşehir District Governor Kazım Tekin represented our state. The reception attended by foreign mission representatives lasted till the late hours with Russian folklore and music.

Bertrand Buchwalter, Consul General of France to Istanbul, organized a fast-breaking at the Palace of France.

13.6.2017 - Read : 198

Bertrand Buchwalter, the Consul General of France to Istanbul, and Sülün Buchwalter brought together the diplomatic mission in Istanbul and prominent figures of Istanbul during a fast-breaking organized in the Palace of France. Consul General Buchwalter, who made a speech in the meal, said that the second religion in France is Islam and he talked about the respect of the French nation to Islam within the scope of secularism.

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