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Economic, social and cultural relations that exists between Austria and Turkey, are at a level that can be shown as an example of inter-country associations. Austria's investments in Turkey and the contribution of Turkish people to Austria are great.

The relationship between Austria and Turkey is an important cooperation not only in the field of investment and cooperation, but also for the future of our countries. This association expects more entrepreneurs from us.

The Marmara Group Foundation attaches great importance to civil society relations between Turkey and Austria.

The contributions of the Vienna Economic Forum are very important in the development of these relations. In particular, as a result of the development of our relations with previous President Heinz Fischer starting with Dr. Erhard Busek and Elena Kırtcheva, a new vision has been created between Vienna and Istanbul.

Dr. Akkan Suver was awarded with the Decoration of Honour in Gold by President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen on November 13, 2018. As The Marmara Group Foundation, we regard this medal as a gift to the Turkish Nation as well as Turkish civil society.

With this Medal given to Dr. Akkan Suver, the Austrian State has evaluated the Turkish civil society in the presence of Dr. Akkan Suver.

The speech of Dr. Akkan Suver on November 12, 2018 in Ankara is as follows.

Before I begin my speech, allow me to extend my sincere gratitude to H.E. Mme. Ulrike Tilly, Ambassador of Austria to Ankara, who brought us together today, for her meticulous and selfless hospitality. Showing a great level of appreciation, the State of Austria honoured my modest efforts that I put forth together with my colleagues at The Marmara Group Foundation towards peace and dialogue in the realm of civil society, with a medal. This is a clear demonstration and a noble example of Austria’s contribution to civil society and humanitarian values. I would like you to know that not only has receiving this Medal touched my heart, but it has also been a source of pride for me and my colleagues.

To remain true to my word, I would like to add that, the Vienna Economic Forum, a member of the civil society, and one of the most important think-tank organizations of Austria, honoured me with the "Success Award” in 2014 and 2017 for my efforts at the Eurasian Economic Summits in the fields of peace and dialogue. I would like to take this opportunity to commemorate them here with my cordial thanks.

The Eurasian Economic Summits, representing our efforts to pass on cultures and civilization from people to people in harmony, carries nothing but the intention to serve the foundation of sustainable peace and welfare. With this belief, as the exchange of ideas under the guidance of dialogue between people is established, we may reach peace, and even better, live in human decency.

I do not regard this medal as a mere badge. This medal comes with an additional responsibility. It is the responsibility to work even harder towards serving humanity, and to facilitate more fruitful projects.

Three hundred years ago, following a two-year war, the treaty of Passarowitz was signed on July 21, 1718 between the Austrian King Karl VI. and the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet III. Austrian statesmen wrote this excerpt at the beginning of the treaty in Latin: “Following the bloody and devastating war, which had erupted two years ago due to the misfortune between the Austrian Emperor and Sultan Ahmed the Almighty, and resulted in huge damage, distress and commercial loss, the two empires, together with God’s will, have reached good reason for relentless parties to reconcile, to avoid such bloodshed, to encourage welfare among children of the two empires, and to establish oversight for the better of their peoples.” In light of these wise words, we can better appreciate the relationship between Turkey and Austria. Schubert, Freud, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Kafka, Zweig, Romy Schneider, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Herbert von Karajan, Gustav Mahler, Nicky Lauda, Bruno Kreisky were all born in the Austrian lands. Baron Joseph von Hammer is another notable figure of this geography. Providing the most accurate historical accounting of the Ottoman Empire, he constitutes the backbone of our historical culture. Therefore, the soul which brought us here today is the inheritance of the culture and civilization passed on from the past to the present. Today, this inheritance has grown into a new dimension between Turkey and Austria. I believe that this medal which I receive here today will lead to new opportunities for cooperation between Turkey and Austria. Please don't take my words as ‘blumige sprache’.

I remain hopeful in this regard, and would like to wrap up my words with saying “towards a more perfect Austro-Turkish relationship”. Also I have hope inside me that Austria is able to view the issue of Custom Union within the framework of 500 years of friendship.

I am once again extending my sincere thanks to the State of Austria for this medal on behalf of myself and The Marmara Group Foundation which I represent, and I want you to know that I will treasure this medal with a great deal of pride and responsibility.

And again, I am indebted to my colleagues at The Marmara group Foundation, whose support has led me to be here today. 

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to my wife Müjgan Suver, who has stood beside me and has supported me, not only as a partner but also as a friend, through all my civil society endeavours and my troubles, and on behalf of my wife and myself, I thank our children.

Once again, my sincerest thanks to the State of Austria and our host H.E. Ulrike Tilly.


We lost Dr. Erhard Busek

We lost Dr. Erhard Busek, one of the leading statesmen and politicians of Austrian and one of the Austrian Chancellors.

Dr. Erhard Busek,who was the Chairman of the Austrian Christian Democratic Party for a while, was the pioneer of pro-peace and democracy politics in Europe. Dr. Erhard Busek, who founded the Vienna Economic Forum for the Balkan geography to be included in the European Union, was a participant and supporter of the Marmara Group Foundation and the Eurasian Economic Summits.

Marmara Group Foundation will always remain faithful to the cherished memory of Dr. Erhard Busek and will not forget him.