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24.10.2019 - Read: 8846


The relations of the Marmara Group Foundation with North Macedonia at the level of civil thought are exemplary.

The values we share and the ties of love and respect between our people, provide a separate feature to Turkey-North Macedonia relations. Mutual visits with the relationship we have put forward in the level of civil society between North Macedonia and Turkey, it is a strong indication of our friendship and closeness. The use of the Latin alphabet for the Turks and Albanians who live there, although its own alphabet is Cyrillic, is an exceptional indication of the peaceful character of this country.

Muslims, Orthodox, Christians and Jews live together within the cultural variety formed by the multicultural structure Macedonia has made a great sacrifice for a comprehensive cooperation and peace in the Balkans and named itself as the Republic of Northern Macedonia. This is a great understanding and tolerance. The world; while respecting this exceptional decision needs to remove obstacles of NATO and the European Union to The Macedonian nation. Therefore, we believe that North Macedonia can no longer be prevented from taking its rightful place in the world. Marmara Group Foundation attaches great importance to relations with North Macedonia.

However, this importance that we give is not only due to historical or emotional reasons. North Macedonia is like the heart of the Balkans. It has great strategic importance. The stability and unity of this country is important for Europe. Today, the most important issue of humanity is to live in peace. In North Macedonia, which is a multi-religious, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-identity community, people living in peace under a flag are the sons of a nation that has achieved great success.

The basis of this success is democracy. The democracy of North Macedonia, which preserves human dignity and keeps equality and freedom together, is a good example for most countries. Our relations, which started after independence, draw a rising graph from past to today. We believe that as the Marmara Group Foundation, the friendship between Turkey and Macedonia is eternal. Our people give the greatest support to this friendship. And we, with our civil society identity, with the Macedonian people; we are proud that we continue to cooperate for peace, stability, better times and a common future.

In the line from Alexander the Great to Kemal Atatürk, Macedonia is the line of civilization that has been revealed in the field of culture, Cyrillic alphabet today lives from Serbia to Russia, from Russia to Tajikistan.

North Macedonia is one of the countries that give exceptional value to the Marmara Group Foundation. Maybe it's the first.

The first foreign minister to come to the Eurasian Economic Summits is Macedonian. North Macedonia has been represented at the Eurasian Economic Summits for years at the Presidental level. The two distinguished son/ daughter of Macedonia, President Gjorge Ivanov and diplomat Zerrin Abaz, have been awarded the Medal of Honor by the Marmara Group Foundation.

In 2019, the President of the Republic of North Macedonia presented Dr. Akkan Suver with the Medal of Merit.

Therefore, the Marmara Group Foundation is grateful for the high generosity of the State of North Macedonia.