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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

24.10.2019 - Read: 8634


The Marmara Group Foundation has been sensitive about Cyprus since its establishment in 1985. It is careful. The Marmara Group Foundation treats the Cyprus case with a top level view; it has and continues to maintain exceptional relations with the founding President Rauf Denktaş and Presidents Dr. Derviş Eroğlu, Mehmet Ali Talat and Mustafa Akıncı. Also the  President Ersin Tatar is one of the old friends of the Marmara Group Foundation.

The Marmara Group Foundation, with its civil society identity, has paid attention to the peace, tranquility and coexistence of the island's people in the Cyprus policy which has carried out from yesterday to present. Again on international platforms, the Marmara Group Foundation placed great value on the efforts aimed at the peace and tranquility of Cyprus. And it continues to do it.

The Greek Cypriot side, which ignores the Turkish side's calm and respectful behaviors according to international norms, continues to insist on a non-serious attitude especially with its attitudes in the last two years.

The Greek side, which first spoke of two states, then insisted on the confederation. After a while, the Greek Cypriot side gave up this idea and put forward a loose federation. Later, the Greek Cypriots, who gave up this promise, said this time, decentralized federation. In the course of all these changes of thought within two years, they ignored the parameters of political equality. The parameters they ignored were in fact the parameters set by the United Nations.

We all know that there are two peoples in Cyprus. The Greeks ignore the Turkish side of these two peoples. The latest example of this has emerged in the European Union parliamentary elections. Cyprus has the right to send six parliamentarians to the European Parliament. Four of these six MPs should be Greek and two should be Turkish. However, the Greek Cypriot side disregarded the obligation to send two Turkish MPs and instead they choosed Greek MPs.

Their behavior about hydrocarbon deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean is also in a position that disregards international rules. With this non-serious behavior, the Greek Cypriot side insists on not approaching peace and does not accept that Cyprus has two peoples.

The realization of a real solution for the future of the island Turks is now a must. As the Marmara Group Foundation, with our civil society identity, we believe that it is necessary to pursue and demand a real solution in international platforms from now on.