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The Relations of Marmara Group Foundation with Bulgaria in the field of civil thought are at the highest level. Bulgaria attaches great importance to Eurasian Economic Summits. The cooperation that they showed during our activities at the level of President, Minister and Member of Parliament is indisputable.

The share of Bulgaria in The Eurasian Economic Summits of The Marmara Group Foundation is profound.

Our relations with President H.E. Zhelyu Zhelev have continued and expanded with H.E. President Petǎr Stoyanov.

H.E. Zhelyu Zhelev, who has been involved since the beginning of The Eurasian Economic Summits, later on made Dr. Akkan Suver an outside member of the Balkan Policy Club, which he was the founder president.

Turkish-Bulgarian friendship is not a new friendship. Turks and Bulgarians are essentially similar in many places, since they have lived under the same social and economic conditions in the same land for centuries.

As The Marmara Group Foundation with our belief for civil thought, we consider Bulgaria as a friendly and reliable country in which we can strengthen cooperation in Southeast Europe, the Black Sea and Europe.

Since Turkey and Bulgaria are the countries that have adopted modern values of democracy and pluralism. In fact, the preference of our countries in this direction is in line with the prominent lines of the world.

As the Marmara Group Foundation, we consider the latest concrete example of the Bulgaria-Turkey relations which is Turkey Stream gas pipeline overland from Turkey to Bulgaria, Bulgaria from Greece to extend from there to Europe as important for Balkan peace.

This cooperation, which is also very important for the Balkan economy, will strengthen competition and transparency in the natural gas market from various sources.

Marmara Group Foundation is assessing the economic and social relations between Bulgaria and Turkey as a peace and development projects.