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The Great Success of the Marmara Group Foundation – the 19th Session of the Eurasian Economic Summit has been finalized successfully 

"Dr. Akkan SUVER evaluates the 19th Eurasian Economic Summit"

Having started with the participation of six countries in 1998, the Eurasian Economic Summits have now seized the nineteenth year in 2016 along with the ever-increasing high level attendances of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Speakers of Parliaments, Ministers, MP’s, businessmen and academicians from different countries.

Dr. Akkan Suver – the President of the Marmara Group Foundation – , describing the Eurasian Economic Summits as a tradition, considers the esteemed positioning of a civil organization having been achieved within the period of nineteen years not as a success story, but as the sustainability of a widely-acknowledged event designated as a responsibility project.

Easier said than done; 19 years of time...


Dr. Akkan Suver says that

"We have come a long way. Some of our friends have become tired and left us. Some of them could not find what they have been looking for. Some, unfortunately, were not able to comprehend what we devoted ourselves to and they disappeared. During these nineteen years of time, I have had the great honour of having been granted a degree of Honorary Professor and several Honorary Doctorates. I also seized the opportunity of acting both as journalist and diplomat. The Government of Montenegro appointed me as the Honorary Consul General of Montenegro to Istanbul in 2008. I was honoured by the Republic of Azerbaijan with two significant medals. The Government of Mongolia presented three different medals. The Gagauzia Autonomous Region of Moldova bestowed with three medals as well as with the highest medal of Gagauzia. I have been deemed worthy of the Saint Benedict Medal, which was represented by the Former Pope of Vatican. Moreover, I have received various medal of dignity and honor.

Ultimately, I held in high esteem with the Medal of "Honorary Worker of Energy" during the 19thEurasian Economic Summit by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In addition to these, I was granted the "Balkan Charter of Peace" by the Balkan Club of Peace; the Diploma of "Ambassador of Knowledge" by the Life Learning Academy –a Ljubljana based organization. The reason why I make mention of these points is that the next generations ought to be advised that if one works unrequitedly for his country, accepts and loves others as they are and serves for the peace; he will definitely be able to achieve such successes.

I would like to state that me and my colleagues composing the Marmara Group Foundation since the beginning, and those new friends joining the team of the Foundation continue to work in unity for the Eve of the 20th Eurasian Economic Summit.

For 20 years, we have been defending peace and dialogue patiently, carefully and diligently. We have always kept co-existence and prosperity on the agenda. We structured the basis of our work to put an end the suffering of humanity with our belief of overcoming the global scale issues through dialogue. Humanity can only be develop in peace. Peace will lead to prosperity and freedom and the key element is dialogue. This is the philosophy that the 20-year-old Eurasian Economic Summits. The essential component that holds us together is serving for peace and the importance attached to dialogue. For a better future, we need more dialogue and understanding. We believe that the road of peace passes through from dialogue and the efforts put forward for this matter is necessary.

          Dr. Akkan Suver



The Summit started with the President Ilham Aliyev`s congratulatory message to the summit participants read out by H.E. Nazim Ibrahimov – the Minister of Diaspora of Azerbaijan.

The 19th Eurasian Economic Summit was opened with the message of H.E. Ilham Aliyev, the acting President of Azerbaijan




The Marmara Group Foundation realised successfully the 19th Session of Eurasian Economic Summit.

During the 19th Eurasian Economic Summit, which brought together in Istanbul the presidents, parliamentary speakers, ministers and religious leaders from all over the world, the world threatening terror, refugee drama and uncertainties related to the global economy were laid on the table.

At the Summit, which is opened with a traditionally delivered message of H.E. Ilham Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan, the following messages read out to the participants;

‘Azerbaijan has made great contributions for the deepening the economic cooperation and provision of European Energy Security by having fulfilled its liabilities in a great responsibility.’

‘Our country has remarkably strengthened its efforts for the implementation of the projects such as Shah Deniz-2, TANAP and TAP within the framework of South Gas Corridor’ and the restoration of the historic Silk Road, on the other. It should then be appreciated that we have been at the last phase of the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway aiming to connect Asia and Europe. On account of hostile approach of Armenia regarding the issue of the Upper Karabagh, which has left the conflict unresolved so far, the subject Upper Karabagh has remained as the main obstacle hindering the enlargement of cooperation possibilities among the region states and folks. Armenia relying on its diaspora supports is not willing to leave the territories it occupied, intends to prolong the status quo and avoids solving the problem by disregarding the peaceful means and putting forward various excuses. Undoubtedly, regional development and peace cannot be ensured unless such conflicts are justly solved in compliance with international law. 

Message of the Pope

At the opening ceremony of the Summit, Mgr. Yusuf Sağ, the deputy patriarch of the Turkish Syriac Catholic Church in Istanbul read out the letter authored by the Pope Francis.

‘We are faced not with two separate crisis, one environmental and the other social, but rather with one complex crisis which is both social and environmental. Strategies for a solution demand an integrated approach to combating poverty, restoring dignity to the excluded, and at the same time protecting nature’. Ecology and energy are becoming more and more pivotal themes for any sustainable economy, but, since the deep interconnection and ‘relationship between the living organisms environment in which they develop’, it’s fundamental that they should be considered and mastered in an integral framework, jointly with the human and social dimension. 



H.E. Asaf Hajiyev, the secretary general of PABSEC, underlying the dialogue is the most significant tool we possess in the 21th Century, ‘Without dialogue a future, welfare and peace cannot be facilitated. This Summit presents us a crucial dialogue platform within this framework. It gives an idea of how we build our common future’. Hajıyev emphasizing the importance of fight against terrorism, ‘since terrorists are coward people, they act collectively’.


Mr Yu Hongjun of the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament made mention of restoration of the historic Silk Road; the Silk Road along the way it passes will contribute to the development of all countries involved. This will be in the interest of all of us. With a strategy including all countries, we want to have this Silk Road, our development project, implemented. The role Turkey to play is crucial on the Silk Road Project’.

From the important persons at the 19th Eurasian Economic Summit, Hon. İbrahim Çağlar, the president of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, starting his address on the geostrategic position and economic infrastructure of Turkey, stated the Silk Road was an artery and progress of Turkey would be an opportunity for all Eurasian geography.



On behalf of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, Prof. Dr. Erman Tuncerunderlines the fact that economic crisis have transformed into social ones, thus the regional cooperation is required to be further improved. Eurasia is a great opportunity. Though the advantages are likely to be transformed into disadvantages. The heartland of the Eurasia is the Silk Road. Our main aim is to revive this. Because this way is the one leading to global peace and wealth.

Cemalettin Özdemir, the Vice-Governor of Istanbul, stating that Istanbul is the most important city of Turkey that enjoys a great attraction for foreign investments and he also states that not the countries, but the cities compete one another all over the world. 


H.E. Marinko Cavara, President of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation, who gave the first address during the salutation speech, says that civil society should work hand in hand related to the issues of warfare and migration. ‘We should together respond the questions. Forced migration, waves of migration affect the whole Europe closely. Though, we cannot solve the problem only focusing on those who have been exposed to the forced migration. At this point, the matter is to develop various models and provide with the cooperation among the nations. The economic stability depends, first of all, on the political stability. The important thing is the prevalence of win-win situation in creating international value’.

H.E. Mustafa Akıncı, the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, In the event that a permanent federal solution has been achieved in his country, both folks will be able to walk together to the future and this will also pave the way for the regional cooperation. The natural gas energy supplies of the Eastern Mediterranean will provide not with tension but with welfare for all. 


Mladen Ivanic, Co-Chairman of the Bosnia and Herzegovina The security is the pre-condition of the economic development, real investments and inter-human communication. We are required to work together and side by side to overcome the issue of security. At the end of 1960’s 15 millions of people immigrated to Europe, no problem was faced at that time. But the migration of one million people last year caused a huge problem due to security worries’.

The president of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, People live in an age of economic, technical and cultural problems. If no cooperation takes place among the countries, the cooperation among the bad parties will give a rise. Human trafficking escalates. That what should not be forgotten about is refugees or migrants are not composed of numerical figures. They are human being and have a dignity of human. We are bound by duty to approach these people humanly. 

The Session within the scope of the 19th Eurasian Economic Summit held at WOW Hotels on April 6, 2016, in İstanbul was successfully completed under the moderation of Mrs. Müjgan Suver – the President of EU and Human Rights Platform of the Marmara Group Foundation.

The Session of ‘Leaders of Change- I support Gender Equality’ under the moderation of Mrs. Müjgan Suver – the President of EU and Human Rights Platform – within the framework of the 19th Eurasian Economic Summit having been held on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, at WOW Hotel İstanbul was completed successfully.

During the meeting started with the ‘Welcome Salutation’ of Mrs. Suver, the First Lady of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus H.E. Meral Akıncı and H.E. Alenka Bratusek – Former Prime Minister of Slovenia (2013-2014) gave opening speeches.

During her address Mrs Akıncı emphasized that Social Gender Equality would shed a strong light on the peace culture. Mrs Bratusek stated that media organs had not been interested in her political deeds but in her clothes and finery during her tenure at the office; so as to terminate the weight of men on politics and business world, women ought to come into sight more often.

The panel section of the meeting began with the presentation, entitled ‘The Story of 100th Monkey’, of Mrs. Müjgan Suver. During her presentation, she pointed out the fact that so as to facilitate the social equality, transformation of mind set to be transmitted from generation to generation is of necessity; in the event of its provision, this would be reflected into all fields of life and would result in an advanced democracy and developed economy for the society.

Of the panellists, Hon. Dr. Handan Toprak Benli – the Mayor of İstanbul Avcılar Municipality –, told about the projects her administration has been carrying out pertaining to the social equality. Mrs Benli, emphasizing their woman-friendly municipal concept, said to have established the first woman family directorate in Avcılar, Istanbul, presented certification courses directed to the parents for non-discriminative approach to male and female child. Mrs. Benli defended the viewpoint that Gender Equality could not be facilitated without the willingness of man.

Ilter Terzioğlu, Deputy General Manager of Turkcell, equality of opportunities executed under the umbrella of Turkcell the decisions to be made for the purpose of gender equality have been ranked on the first place, that 8.000 out of 18.000 employees at the companies under Turkcell have been composed of women.

Ferruh Tunç, the Turkey Director of KPMG, said during his address that woman in business life ought to become successful not by masculinising herself but by behaving as she is. Besides, in order to enable the equality of women in the social life, the myths related to the social inequality of women should be terminated and the prevailing language be broken as well.

Mustafa Tankut Turnaoğlu – the General Manager of Procter&Gamble to Turkey –,starting his address via the presentation of ‘VTR of the LikeGirl Campaign’, told that they have not discriminated any employees in terms personal traits such as gender, race, belief, age and etc., proceeding from the strategy of Diversity & Inclusion, adding that all kinds of diversity being considered an enrichment during and in the aftermath of the recruitment procedures, on the contrary. 
Prof. Dr. Danica Purg – Founding President of IEDC-Bled School of Management in Bled, Slovenia – said ‘Woman must be brave; the social gender equality has been the basic term of human rights and a requirement of economic.’ Those who are supposed to bring about the transformation in every country are women – the subjects of this change – regardless of considering their religion, ideology and welfare level.

H.E. Edita Tahiri, the Minister of Dialogue of Kosovo, giving examples for the challenges she faced with in her personal history as a woman, drew attention to the importance of implementation of quote, which is to be designated with the purpose of rendering more participation of women in business and political life. ‘A quote campaign was regulated at the post-war politics in Kosovo, a quote is, in fact, of artificial nature and a practice to be lifted in the event that the mind set of people have changed. For a new mind set, we ought to constitute new models’.

Damir Masic, the political director of Social Democrat Party and parliamentarian of the Bosnia and Herzegovina, the present election laws should be amended and gender equality can be easier achieved with the sufficient representation of women. The mechanisms and sustainable structures supposed to provide the gender equality should be constituted on state and local administrative level.

Designer Letizia Reuss, pointing the masculine dominance on the World of art, the weight of women has become more visible with the prevalence of the struggle women having demonstrated in the last years.

On her address, Camilla Habsburg Lothringen, the archduchess of Toscana stated to have believed in the strength of mothers; it is of vital importance that women must struggle for their own sights and decisions no matter which status they are ascribed to.

In the aftermath of the speakers of the panel, the family photo taken together with the other guests at the Session of ‘Leaders of Change’ and the final declaration of the related meeting as follows;

‘I support Social Gender Equality’


The exchange of experiences and the results of researches have proved the fact that companies under the leadership of women are more successful than the ones under the leadership of men. But still, the percentage of the women leaders has not been able to rise above 10% in both public and private sectors.

We observe the same picture when it comes to number of members in national parliaments and executive boards. All of the decision-making bodies and the meetings are still overwhelmingly composed of men.

In the light of above mentioned facts, it is essential to increase the number of women in decision- making bodies in both private and public sectors. And to achieve this, it is critical for institutions and policy-makers to apply quotas or alike practices so as to reach the percentage of 35% which is considered as the critical threshold from quality to quantity. There has to be a special women agenda in national parliaments, private and public institutions at least from now on.

• Today, for us having successful archetypes regarding this issue like the EU members, Parliaments of Slovenia and Kosovo, Municipality of Avcılar, and companies like Turkcell, P&G, and KPMG means that the other parliaments, administrations and companies can achieve success as well through implementing the same concept. According to the international agreements, putting away all the discriminative traditions and cliché and changing perceptions in societies; implementing applications that would help upgrade the status of women in the society and increasing the ratio of women in administrative positions; achieving the transformation of the society in the axis of the main purposes of creating gender-sensitive family, school and working environments are primarily, among the others, the duties of the governments.

• It is crucial to add the gender-equality to the Sustainable Development Agenda in addition to its environmental, social and economic axes. Upon this basis, governments must enjoy cooperation with private sector, universities and NGOs. We expect governments to make satisfactory explanations on how to define priorities, how to pursue the purposes, and how to monitor the data and the accountability regarding gender-equality.

• We are insistent on transparency, a stronger inspection and accountability during the process of implementations.


• Also we believe in the necessity of constituting independent evaluation mechanisms in order to oversee the developments at local, regional and international levels.


The Silk Road with Dialogue; the Session of Economy, Energy and Climate Change      


The deputy Speaker of Parliament Valeh Alesqerov states that the good relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey enable giant projects such as Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline to be executed. TANAP and TAP projects rendering possible the transportation of the natural gas obtained in the Caspian Region to Turkey, from there to the Balkans, to Italy and the European Countries have become important than the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan project.

Grzegorz Kolodko, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, made mention of the neo-pragmatism which he handled in his new book. ‘This is a new paradigm; I suggest heterodox economy.’ He continues it is required to prevent from the traditional approach and conduct examinations by utilising social psychology and history for the growth of GDP at the competition.


Elmir Velizade, the deputy minister of Communication and High Technologies, states that the infrastructure of information technologies has not been entirely progressed and there have been differences between regions and countries accordingly. Sophistically, Azerbaijan is underway for facilitating the projects of the required infrastructure and aims at launching satellite onto the orbit in 2017.

Beyjan Kakajanov, deputy minister for Economy and Development of Turkmenistan states that in the last years there has been a stable growth in Turkmenistan which is growing at 3,6, that they aim to improve SME and their fiscal systems. Kakajanov, new hydrocarbon projects have been implemented, the operation of east-west natural gas pipeline has been started in 2015, the natural gas pipeline of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-India-Pakistan completed and working regarding the settlement of new technologies have been conducted.


Jerry Naumoff, the minister for Foreign Investments, in the event that Macedonia has been invested, there will be an opportunity of meeting 650 million customers, will be an attraction point for investors with the highly-qualified labour force, low inflation, secure, stable and growing structure despite the worldwide recession. Macedonia, which has an investment protection agreement with Turkey, is ranked on the 1st place for those investors who plan to establish a company in Europe. We can guarantee 10 years of tax-free investment income. With 4% we have the largest growth rate in Europe.

Kadir Hüseyin, Deputy Health Minister of Kosovo, Kosovo, which is not the member of UN, started with the concordance workings for EU integration, conducted many workings on Climate Change in accordance with the EU directives and prepared Green House inventory accordingly. 


Abzal Saparbekuly, the Vice-Secretary General of TURKKON, 45% of the conventional energy of China will be supplied by the renewable energy, the strategies for the renewable energy will be likewise backed up by the EU countries. The latest developments in the last year are promising and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan have made great progress; custom transitions have been shortened up to 1 day and with 60-70 of price reductions have been provided during this period.

Prof. Dr. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis, the International President of Bio-Politics, millions of people have been displaced from their place of origin, a brand new enemy has been present before the humanity. In order to prevent the contamination, pollution of soil and water, methods can be developed at the technology. 


Zahari Zahariyev, the President of Slavyani Foundation, ‘we can draw a new road map of Eurasia through One Way, One Generation Project.’ The implementation of the project would not only contribute to global security system but also to present relations. The US’s North Atlantic Trade and Transpacific Project and China’s Project had differences and two projects of the US, on contrary to China’s Project, would affect national states and lead to new classifications in this context; besides, the maintenance of status quo of the US, monopoly will remain and its effects on environment will be relatively negative.

G. Tenger, the Vice-President of Peace and Friendship Organisation of Mongolia, the economic development of Mongolia has decreased at 2 points. The revival of the Silk Road will not only enliven the economies of the Central Asia but also the cooperation with the European Partners.


Sırrı Şimşek, the CEO of the Türk Barter, if EU does not need Turkey, so do Turkey. It is required to be made special Barter agreements among the countries and Barter joint market can have a significant role on the increase of trade volumes among the countries at this point.

Prince Radu of Romania, Every 1 youth out of 4 go to university in his country, a different period has been experienced at which so many youths travel to Europe. Underlining the importance of having a high level education and vocational education of the young population, they aim to generate projects bringing back those well-educated people home and create atmosphere in which they feel themselves home again.


Alenka Bratusek, Former Prime Minister of Slovenia, the provision of energy security and sustainable green growth are one of the most challenging tasks to be faced with. My country is member of EU. EU imports 53% of its energy. Energy constitutes 1%5 of our total importation. Diversification of energy resources can provide with the energy security. Turkey stands in the middle of the Mideast and European markets. Slovenia and Turkey signed a strategic partnership agreement; we have made a step on the issue of energy cooperation.

Victor Ponta, Former Prime Minister of Romania, from this Summit on, I am going to participate in all Eurasian Economic Summits to be granted a Medal of Honour, which is designated for those participants having attended the Summits 10 years successively.


Marjetka Kastner, the President of Life Learning Academy in Slovenia, there has been a global booming and the developing market economies have been refrained from as well. Social and political risks have been observed together with growth; the positive effects of the economic growth have also been monitored.

Vadim Cheban, Vice-President of the Gagauzia Autonomous Region of Moldova, the first Deputy Head of the autonomy presented a report that includes theses for sustainable development of energy sector. “For this, we have to strengthen politicians’ adherence to the renewable energy and mobilize investments in this sphere”, Cheban said.

 In the aftermath of the Session, the President of the Marmara Group Foundation Dr. Akkan Suver signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" with the President of the Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia, Hon. Deleg Zadgjav in a ceremony where also H.E. Tuğrul Türkeş, the Vice President were present.



Shaykh al-Islam of Caucasia and Azerbaijan Allahşükür Paşazade wished the Summit to contribute to the World Peace and Alliance of Civilizations. He stated that, the rationale of the world peace is endangered is that being estranged to the moral values. Besides, he added that the multiculturalism policy in Azerbaijan was founded by national leader Heydar Aliyev and is successfully developed and continued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, H.E. Ilham Aliyev.

Ecumenical Patriarch of Istanbul Bartholomeos remarked that the historic City of Istanbul is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Following, he indicated that terrorism, wars and conflicts are a constant reality of international agenda and happen everywhere from Paris to Lahor and beyond. Patriarch Bartholomeos added that "freedom is a hope for the future, even when liberty is limited or denied. There is no freedom without solidarity and since we all share the common values, we should enhance the solidarity between every individual human being. Thus, we must work together to fight illegal immigration."

According to H.E. Taher Al Masri, the Former Prime Minister of Jordan, terrorism is the main axis of division of the people. The matters dividing people may be ethnic, religious or based on social strata. However, whatever the cause is the interaction of the people is crucial. From our point of view, differences constitutes not obstacles but riches. It is self-evident that national dialogue is a far superior and less heartbreaking alternative than war to settle differences. International terrorism must be precluded. Because, international terrorism lies at the bottom of the current "Migration Crisis". In order to put to an end to these sufferings, we should get to the root of the problem.


H.E. Emir Kır, the Former State Minister of Belgium said that at the national level we have been faced several attacks across the world however, one should bear in mind that terrorism is international. Our democratic values are under the threat of terrorism. Thus, acting together is one of the most effective way of fighting against terrorism. Since the terrorism is a global issue, fight against terrorism should be a global concern that goes beyond local and national borders. Our fight needs to be in terms of precautionary measures through military and security forces.

H.H. Muhamed Jusufspahic, the Mufti of Serbia, there were actually no Syrian refugees but “ousters.” They are not seeking refuge in other countries; they have their countries. They are ousters. The situation is not only ethnic cleansing but also a religious cleansing. 

H.H. Yusuf Çetin, the Patriarchal Vicar of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Istanbul and Ankara. One of the most effected people of the current conflicts in the Middle East was the Syriac community. Unfortunately, conflict and terrorism have no boundaries, such as religion, nationality or sect. Thus we ought to help all migrants without any discrimination.


H.E. Mihai-Viorel Fifor, Senator of Romania/Leader of the National Council of the Social Democratic Party. Paris, Ankara, Brussels, Lahore, Istanbul, Iskanderiyah and many other places around the world have been added to the map of terrorist bloodshed. In this turbulent and very tense environment, migration still remains a considerable challenge for all of us. Building fences in Europe is not a solution for migration crisis. For the solution, international community should focus on devising realistic plans designed to make stabilization of Syria.

H.E. Edin Ramic, Minister of Displaced Persons & Refugees of the Federation of the BiH. The rights of migrants and refugees are under the protection of the Dayton Peace Agreement via Article 7. However, today, as much as half of the population of 4 million of Bosnia and Herzegovina, have to live as migrant outside the borders of the country. Without doubt, these 2-million-Bosnian migrants will contribute to the economy in the case they return their homeland, Bosnia.

H.E. Mihail Formuzal, Former Governor of the Autonomous Region of Gagauzia of Moldova. Emergence of the crisis between the two major Eurasian countries, Russia and Turkey, unquestionably effects Gagauzia that has a small population, scarce of natural resources and a weak economy. Before the decision of declaring autonomy, the impact of migration analyzed at large. Gagauzia now face with several threats directed from both national and international level. Being strong with our potential is the only way to withstand these threats.

H.E. Rene van der Linden, Senator of Holland/Honorary President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council. The year 2015 has been marked by two historical events; United Nations’ Climate Change Conference -COP-21 and United Nations Sustainable Development Summit. Achievement of the SDGs and realization of the objectives of the Paris Agreement, offers new opportunities for job creation, innovation, economic growth, social equity and environmental rejuvenation. These opportunities have been strongly linked to the concept of the Circular Economy.

H.H. Mgr Yusuf Sağ, Deputy Patriarch of the Turkish Syriac Catholic Church. Unless an interfaith dialogue and cooperation, there is no possibility to give an end to the international terrorism. There is no existed religion that disregards other religions or people. In contrary, they are integrative instead of discriminative.

H.E. Werner Fasslabend, Former Minister of Defense of Austria, in his presentation, the migration roots of 8-million refugees from Africa and the Middle East are demonstrated. He asserted that powerful EU countries attempted to protect their borders by closing them to refugees since one of the most important policy of EU, the Schengen Agreement being imperiled. 


H.E. Egemen Bağış, Former Minister Minister of State, of European Union Affairs of Turkey. For 4 years, Turkey is a home to 2,7 million Syrian refugees that provided with better conditions than European countries. Since last 30 years, we have been dealing with terrorism. However Europe is not supportive for our fight. Instead, countries such as Belgium protected terrorists against Turkey. International collaboration is the key element of the counter-terrorism. 

H.R.H. Letizia Reuss, Ambassador for the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics. Terrorism and the phenomenon of migration are inseparable. Whether a genuine refugee, an economic migrant or a terrorist, the smugglers lend the money to the migrants. In order to pay back their debt, they are forced in illegal activities. On the other hand, tendency to terrorism among Muslims is another issue. In 2015, only 16% of the 800’000 migrants were women. Muslim women are the keystone to the fight against radicalization and to the integration of Muslims.

Hon. Alina Barbulescu, Special Adviser Of The President On The EU Energy Policy. Europe needs a truly common European asylum system with harmonized procedures throughout Europe rather than national efforts. It is necessary taking measures to include and integrate migrants into society and the labor market.


H.E. Safet Softić, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples PABiH. As a consequence of the armed conflicts in the Middle East there has been a migration of a large number of the population. As Bosnia and Herzegovina, several institutions and agencies including the Intelligence and Security Agency within the Ministry of Security have composed in order to control and manage the large-scale influx of migrants / refugees to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

H.E. Ionut Vulpescu, Member of Parliament of Romania. The two phenomena that we have been confronting are terrorism and migration. It would be wrong to read these problems in terms of clash of civilizations or religious conflicts. The causes of them are much more complex and deeper and the solutions are mainly political. History proves that totalitarian regimes haven't been more efficient in managing these two phenomena than democratic regimes are. On the contrary, totalitarianism has generated state terrorism.

H.E. Melika Mahmutbegović, Deputy President of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The post-war trauma of Bosnians that they passed through was severe. Bosnia and Herzegovina have hold the Western and Eastern cultures at the same time for centuries. However, the Balkans is far from tolerance and there is still a risk of war. We have already accustomed to the international war and we don't afraid from terrorism. We are in the hope of solving the international terrorism problem together in unity.

Hon. Yu Hongjun, Vice President of the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD). We must block the channels of terrorist movement and financing of terrorism. We should promote de-radicalization by taking an integrated approach with a view to address both the symptoms and root causes to fight against terrorism. We believe that only by appropriate settlement of regional disputes, restoration of regional stability, enhancement of governing capacity of different countries and feasible improvement of people’s well-beings through economic development, can all forms of problems originating from terrorism be removed from the root.

Hon. Assist. Prof. Özlem Çuhadar, Marmara University. Societies which do not attach a great importance to art and science are the ones which cause emigrants. In our home country, terrorism not only give harm to security forces but also to ordinary citizens and artworks. Palmyra Antique City blasted by ISIS is a great example from recent history. Or several ancient mosques in the Diyarbakır's Sur district unfortunately shared the same fate.

H.H. İzak Haleva, Chief Rabbi of Turkey. Terrorism and forced migration is then common problem of humanity. And I would like to state that I'm ashamed of my humanity and desperateness of not being able to remediate to the suffered ones as a religious man. Embracing refugees, feeding and hearing them is a responsibility of humanity. But this is only a temporary solution. Permanent solution can only be realized when migrants return to their homeland and continue their lives in prosperity and confidence.