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14.10.2019 - Read: 13577


Turkish citizens of Kosovo origin, are the foundation stones of "Brotherhood Bridge" between Turkey and Kosovo.

As The Marmara Group Foundation, although we have no common borders with Kosovo, we consider this country as a neighbor.

On the other hand, world public opinion is with the people of Kosovo. More than a hundred countries around the world approach the recognition of Kosovo with a compromise spirit and respect for international legitimacy, sobriety.

As The Marmara Group Foundation with our civil society identity, our deep cooperation with Kosovo it contributes to the development of the country and on strengthening its peace and stability in Southeast Europe.

We want to see Kosovo as an integral part of the regional cooperation process as well as the European organization and we support these initiatives with our civil society identity. As The Marmara Group Foundation, we are continuing our joint efforts with our civil society identity at international meetings that we have carried out in order to overcome the problems faced by Kosovo during the non-recognition period.

In 1998, the Marmara Group Foundation organized the first international meeting in Istanbul for Kosovo to become a separate state.

The Marmara Group Foundation is the first non-governmental organization to hold the first Kosovo meeting in Istanbul, bringing together the Parliamentarians of the Council of Europe and Turkish statesmen, diplomats and leaders of Kosovo.

After gaining independence in Kosovo, they gave great importance to the meetings of the Marmara Group Foundation, especially Eurasian Economic Summits, and always attended at the Presidental level and occasionally at the Ministery level.