Network of Checks and Balances realises its 2nd Great Meeting in Istanbul

Monday, Feburary 22, 2016 - Read: 3961
Network of Checks and Balances realises its 2nd Great M

The network of Checks and Balances, which has been working on a new constitution based upon the principles of participatory, pluralistic and democratic approach rendering the focus on transparency and accountability since 2014, held its 2nd Great Meeting on February 20-21, 2016 in Istanbul.

The activity schedule of 2014-2016 was evaluated at the 2nd General Session, which had been initialised by the address of Mrs Müjgan Suver. The strategic plan of 2016-2018 was approved following its recitation.

For the forthcoming second term, the network of Checks and Balances introduced a decision targeting the implementation of the amendments which are to be considered within the direction of aims grounded on the awareness achieved on the society.

In this context, the following groups have been created for the most effective network settlement to gain a locomotive effect for the related reforms such as the Working Group for Constitutional Settlement, Working Group for Constitution, Reform Working Group for Justice Reform, Working Group for Media Group, Working Group for Political Parties-Election System Reform, Working Group for Legislation Reform, Working Group for Local Administration Reform, Working Group for Execution Reform, Working Group for Regulatory and Supervisory Institutions Reform.

On the second day of the Great Session, each of these groups presented to the consideration of all groups its own sphere of activity, work calendar and division of work following the completion of their assignments.