17.3.2007 - Read: 4960

Marmara Group Foundation who has created ‘’Sustainable Development Partnership’’ platform with KadıköyMunicipality on March 2007, has initiated the ‘’Women Entrepreneur Enhancement’’ program. In this context, in order to help and assist women who did not received higher education and have a low or middle income to establish and run their own business, Marmara Group Foundation has accomplished  4 month long – 100 hours in total- education and support program,  ‘’Jasmine Project’’ as a pilot practice.

With this program that ended in May 2008, enhancing the economic status of women, especially who have low income, building up their self-confidence and participation and contribution to the family income have been aimed. In the long run, it is expected that every graduate will transform into individuals that are qualified to change the society, able to sustain her and her family’s socio-economic and cultural development.

 ·In accordance with the purpose of long term sustainability, Jasmine Project has been established on solid academic disciplines and the outcomes have been observed and followed.

·During the program, for three months weekly workshops have been carried out. Psychological and family related supports have provided to the participants of these workshops.

·In order to equip participants with social skills, education on; human psychology, behavior models, defense mechanisms, communication methods, conscious and sun-conscious definitions, universal laws has been delivered.

·During the program, practical exercises, inwards deep thought, sub-conscious deep thought, group observations and reverse information flow have been studied.

·In order to build up participants’ self-confidence, a work for awareness and eradication of emotional traumas, fears, peer pressure has been executed.

·With Jasmine Project, the potential for participants to get in touch with women entrepreneurs has been presented.

·During the application of this program, the experiences and outputs have transferred to the other communities and countries.

·Some of the participants of the Jasmine Project are in the effort of establishing their own businesses; some have already established their own businesses.