29.9.2005 - Read: 4888

cooperation protocol has been signed between the Marmara Group Foundation and GAP Regional Administration Directorate for ‘’Strategies for Women’s Economic Development in Southeastern Anatolia’’ subjected workshop.

In this protocol which UNDP is also a party, women’s participation to the economic life in the GAP Region along with offering strategies to contribute to the region’s economic development, to produce solution-oriented ideas with regards to financing, production and marketing cycle of the economic activities of women, and to produce a roadmap through developing strategies to enhance women’s employment and entrepreneurship were aimed to achieve.

With this aim, a workshop has been organized towards and with participation of; the women entrepreneurs and producers of the region, employees of the public institutions and organizations which are working with women, national/foreign private sector, representatives of NGOs, commerce and industry chambers and national/foreign research institutions on 29-30 September 2005 in Mardin.

In the workshop that has been executed with 250 representatives from various segments of the society;

· Working Women in the House Axis and Local Politics Working Group / Hon. Nazik Işık from KADER gave a presentation on selection of products, product quality, design, continuity on production and organization;

· Hon. Associate Professor Şemsa Ozar from the Economics Department of Boğaziçi University gave a presentation on financial resources, micro-loans and capital cycle;

·Hon. Professor Yıldız Ecevit from the Sociology Department of ODTÜ gave a presentation on women’s employment in the production/marketing process, entrepreneurship and creation of employment;

·Hon. Müjgan Suver from Marmara Group Foundation gave a presentation on  the role of the local actors in the women’s economic development.

At the end of the workshop;

·Concepts and approaches on the women’s participation to the economic life has been debated

·Production/marketing process has been examined, the obstacles that are being experienced during this process has been debated and solutions have been offered.

·Strategies have been put forward in order to enhance the women’s participation to the economic life and entrepreneurship.

·The project implemented by GAP Administration on women’s development has been presented along with other national/international organization’s project focusing on women.

·Works have been done to enhance the cooperation and network in the subjects of organization, education, marketing, design, production and project development in order to ensure women’s development in the GAP region.

·A booklet, titled ‘’ Strategies for Women’s Economic Development in Southeastern Anatolia’’ has been published.