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14.10.2019 - Read: 14967


The Marmara Group Foundation attaches great importance to France as a platform for civil thought. Regarding the continuation of France's support about the EU in the field of culture and economy, Marmara Group Foundation presents important civil activities.

Marmara Group Foundation, with its civil society identity in relations between Turkey and France, acts with responsibility to play a constructive role. Years ago, in the meetings held with the Turkish and French statesmen, academics, diplomats and businessmen in the Senate of France, it was also a first in the field of civil thought. Thus, the issues that the two countries can do together in the field of civil society in third countries have been brought to the agenda. Marmara Group Foundation in commercial fields encourages the companies of both countries for joint operations in Turkey, France and third countries. The Marmara Group Foundation strives to play a role in the fields of commerce and economy as well as culturally.

The Marmara Group Foundation aims to increase the trade volume of the two countries to 20 billion euros by encouraging Turkish and French business people. As a civilian thought, we hope to see the support of France in EU meetings and in the process, with the responsibility that we need the support of France on the EU. The Marmara Group Foundation attaches great importance to EU accession.

At the Eurasian Economic Summits in the meantime, France is represented at the level of MPs, Senators and former Ministers, which further strengthens our work as a civilian thinker in the fields of trade and economy.